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Tell me your dreams


Guys, why are you all so negative? Where are the little happy trees(*) in your dreams and your life?

(*) And I bet that at least one of you thought at that point of that particular TV series. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do I really need to clarify that my dream didn´t involve any violence? That is not what the NC-17 rating is for most of the time.

I´d share violent dreams I can tell you that!


I think it was pretty clear :stuck_out_tongue: I just hope it was nice and not unsettling.

Tonight was an awful night, Alice was sick and woke us up like 30 times, so I had a very light sleep. I dreamed so many things but I couldn’t remember them all, but one thing happened: I was reading the forum in-dream and I remembered the post about using computers in dreams and I mixed with the “you can’t actually read in dreams”, so I told myself “heh, let’s try to actually read each single letter in the posts”.

And, well, they kept changing. I read a word, let’s say “forum”, and then I tried to read letter by letter and the first one was not an F. I gave a second look and it was yet another letter.

“Whoa, that means it’s a dream! Cool!” I thought, and began doing what I wanted. Well, let’s say that the dream turned NC-17. I’m quite surprised I didn’t wake up, or at least not instantly, it took me quite some time.


I only said that because @someone mentioned negativity, and it wasn´t negative. Just weird.


Happens regularly enough. Creatively speaking those are the most boring dreams though, at least for me.

Ah, the classic Happy Tree Friends.


I was in Milan (the city) for a football match, Inter vs Cagliari, with an old friend / ex colleague of mine and our PhD mentor. While we were looking for the guest entrance, we see the north stand entrance with a long queue of Inter ultras. But among them there’s another ex colleague of ours, who’s never been into football and much less into Inter, being from Cagliari and all. A zip bag full of weed falls from his back pocket. I greet him, shouting, and say he dropped his “…uh, wallet”.

We then entered the stadium’s guest sector, which was a grassy hill, slightly sloped, where in the distance you could barely see the field. Some places even had their view obstructed by the terrain’s irregular shape. We were disappointed by our seats, so we thought we could move closer to the pitch since the guest sector in such a mach isn’t usually full booked. We then discover there’s another section of the guest sector, which has actual seats: it’s a wooden room, with wooden benches. And there’s not a net separating the sector from the field, but a wooden door with small square holes. It looks more like a vessel’s hold. Other people are already at the door, trying to peek from the holes to see the match.

We see part of the field, but we can’t see the goals. We’re near the left corner of our team’s field half. The match had already started, it’s the sixth minute and Inter is attacking where we can see, there’s a cross in the box and we can’t see anything anymore, but we hear the crowd gasping and then celebrating, so we understand Inter has just scored. Speaking with people and peeking through other holes to see the jumbotron we learn that Cagliari’s goalkeeper fumbled the ball on the cross but there might have been some charging on him that hadn’t been sanctioned.


Stop it! :stuck_out_tongue: If someone were actual having homosexual fantasy dreams about me, I´d expect him to be more discreet about it than that.


I haven’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And even if, I´d expect you to use different words. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve just dreamt a man, dressed in white, with a knife. He forced my front door, entered my apartment, came into my room, found me sleeping in my bed and killed me.
His face was unknown.

I woke up suddenly, and felt something painful, like spikes on my skin.
It lasted for a few minutes, then I calmed down, took some deep breath and started to read and write here on this forum.


Awww :worried: I hope you managed to get some more sleep later on.


I hope not. Because I’m a jerk clown :ransome:

It’s pretty usual, I think, that real life pains get interpreted as dreams.


Proof that the world (well the rating committees at least) are crazy: violence gets less censorship/lower age ratings than sex. gasp! Is it even allowed to use that word?


Sounds like…Freddie (Krueger, not Mercury)


It’s more of an American problem for the most part, luckily.


Over here it´s the other way around but it´s steadily getting better in recent years. Just recently the whole Nazi symbolism thing has been reformed which would make it possible to release unaltered versions of the Wolfenstein and Indiana Jones games.


@PiecesOfKate this was my dream:

What did it want to say? :thinking:


Replay Indy 3! Instantly!



For some reason that makes me think of Cloud Atlas. You should read Cloud Atlas.