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Tell me your dreams


Thank you for your suggestion, I think I will watch the movie, it seems very good, with Tom Hanks and Hugh Grant.


Hey, @eviltrout , the GIF image that I’ve linked in my post #1379 has disappeared. What’s happened?


We had that problem already discussed somewhere: Presumably the size of the GIF is too big. Download the GIF on your computer and then try to upload it manually to the forum. Discourse will tell you then what’s wrong.


It’s 15MB, Discourse told me to upload it on a website, and to write the link to the image in the message.
Did it.
It worked for a minute or less, then the image has disappeared :open_mouth:

Notice: if I edit my message, in the editor I can see the animated GIF.


Because Discourse is trying to download the GIF from that website. I assume that Discourse then recognize that the GIF is too big and removes/hides the GIF. @eviltrout: It would be good to have an error message or something for the users.

I assume that the link to the GIF is still there and that the preview shows the GIF behind the link.

/edit: As a workaround you could link to the corresponding YouTube video or you can scale the GIF down with Photoshop or another graphics program.


I don’t want to! :yum:


Right that, first they take our convinience then what next?

Will anyone think of the children?


I don’t know, but thank you for the question!

Always! :couple::two_men_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands::two_men_holding_hands::couple::two_men_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands::two_men_holding_hands::couple:


Then they introduce a robot named Discobot that drives everybody mad. Oh. Wait.

That’s what I’m saying all the time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Then get this website to do it for you!


Today the trial against the mayor of my hometown who is involved in a major corruption scandal has begun.

In my dream last night I met him packing at a counter of a supermarket. He stared at me as if though he was about to remember me but he didn´t seem to sure. Then made a stupid joke laughed and Ieft angrily thinking:“That guy still owes me 100 €!”

The true story behind that is that I used to work as an intern for him when he still co owned a music club in town and he never paid me the 100 € he owes me for the month I worked there.


Oh wow. Must be strange having worked for him. It makes me really angry when big shots take the piss with interns - especially if you were promised pay.

Really weirdly a news feature just popped up on the TV about unpaid internships and how exploitative they are.


Funny thing is the past 15 years I hadn´t been in touch with him and mostly heard about him through the news (now more so than ever) and many of the accusations you hear as well as the interviews he gives make me go. Yeah, that´s him. Or yeah, I´d trust he would do that/think like that.


Yeah. There are a few people I’ve known who I keep expecting to turn up in the news one day. And at least three who are most definitely psychopaths.


:open_mouth: :arrow_backward: :question:


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :neutral_face: :dash:


Twas me tryin to ask: “Including moi?” :wink:


I know :stuck_out_tongue: that was me saying ‘dammit Kate, he knows! Run!’

Jokes are so fun when you have to explain them.


I didn´t think I was unclear just wondering what that could mean. Talking with made up pictograms is hard. :man_shrugging:


Heheh, tis. I always want to use a person running to represent me running away, but they face the wrong direction :roll_eyes: (and that ‘dash’ thing I used is too, actually)