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Tell me your dreams


How would you know which side from you I´m standing on? :smiling_imp:


Haha… Maybe I should go upwards instead :flying_saucer:




I dreamed I was buying a painting online. It was… uh… *beep*holes in the style of different famous artists. Actual *beep*holes, anuses. Some were painted in the middle of a face, some were alone, but the whole painting was strangely hypnothic and I wanted to buy it and frame it on my apartment.

Then I was watching a video of a guy who just put his PS4 on the sidewalk and suddenly three cars (one of which was a toy car) crashed and the drivers rushed to get the PS4, and the idea of the whole video was to demonstrate that GTA players are influenced.

Then I was in a meeting at work, it was midnight, I wanted to go home but it was also the first time I got into a meeting with one of the (former) big bosses and she kept talking and referring to me as a child or newbie or things like these and she kept saying “I can’t wait to see him graduate”. In the end I said “to be honest, I don’t think I want to graduate again, first of all because I already have a PhD, and secondly it will take lots of time, I’d rather have books on which I could study mechanical engineering by myself, so I can improve my skills for the company, but without having to pass exams”. She seemed disappointed.

My old company was in the field of mechanical engineering, by the way. Not the current one.


…and all the co-workers had anuses on their faces…
Ah no.



Heheh, while you’re having complex dreams about the nature of video games and what matters for the workplace, on the very rare occasion that I have a dream, last night my brain decides to make me dream of a kitten that I saw on YouTube just before I went to bed :sweat_smile:

It was being bothered by another cat, so I picked it up, carried it to another room and closed the door behind me. It gave a very loud meow to say thank you :heart_eyes:

I also remember holding it above a little stream of water running along a slanted windowsill, as if I were on the other side of a window while it was raining (but I was actually still indoors). Because the kitten was peeing, and I figured that this was the way to make the least mess.

And it was meowing like this :relaxed:


What’s that from?

I keep being tempted to write my recent dreams on here but they’re very mundane lately and would bore you all to tears. Hopefully I’ll have a more interesting one soon (since everyone else seems to be getting all the NC-17 ones :laughing:)


Aw, I want one of those dreams! I did have a nightmare about trying to protect the cats during a burglary the other night, meh. I didn’t care about any of the humans :smile:


South Park.

I had some a while ago, but what is the sense in me telling details about something everyone knows how it works? So that´d be boring too, I guess…


Well, not so much boring as X-rated.


But wouldn’t you want to collect all dreams in your Excel sheet?


Started off like that :wink:

And there are some I’ve added but not posted on here.


[high pitched]oh yeaaaaahhh…what about thaaaaat?[/high pitched]


[Stewie]Sooooo, still working on thatttt nnnnovel? [/Stewie]

Oh wait, were you actually asking?


Kinda…in a cheeky sorta-back-door kind of way. :angel:


I need to update it - bit of a backlog :slightly_smiling_face:


I dreamed I was invited to two new year’s eve parties. One was with my family and somehow work colleagues. The other one with the Italian forum members. But, since the parties took place on two adjacent houses, I figured I could attend both.

It was a looooong dream, that followed my preparations, going to buy the last things at the grocery store for the family party, preparing some shows for both, calling @Gffp to remind him to bring his SNES, things like these.

I remember just a few scenes:
I was at the grocery store and two girls were outside and one of them pointed at me and said “hey, isn’t that Alice of Wonderland?” and I think it had to do with the show I had to provide for the Forum party, because I answered “yes, but it’s Alice in Wonderland” and went away.
I was at the family/work party and loud music came from the other house so I sent a text to the others asking to turn the volume down but I couldn’t spell right because I was in a hurry and I thought “heh, I’ll just send it this way and they’ll understand”, but I also thought that it was probably rude - I could go in person to ask - so I could at least correct the message. This is surely a reference to when I’m in a hurry and write texts to my wife, so I end up sending things like “Om arrival” hoping that she understands it means “I’m arriving”.

The show for the family/work party had to do with animatronic plush toys in bathrobes but I had to spy on dancing bears and other animals to copy their moves. When it was time to go “on stage”, everyone was sitting on couches wearing bathrobes and all lights were off but there was light coming from a TV where the children were watching the show Animaniacs.

It was raining but it was unexpected, so I had my crocs clogs on and I constantly thought “I can’t go outside with my crocs if it’s raining, my wife will kill me”.

I tried to call @Gffp for some urgent matter but it was busy, so I thought he was calling me at the same time. I tried again, but I got his answering machine instead. But the message was in French. And it was Gffp speaking trying different voices, as he did for the Sheriff in the TWP dub project.


Today I had a long lucid dream. And it’s the second time I dreamed @Gffp. I had a very light sleep due to nausea and a damn mosquito that kept flying near my ears, then I woke up to pee and when I opened the bathroom door my daughter was standing there and I got so scared the adrenaline prevented me from getting back to a deep sleep anyway.

So, I was expecting guests from my hometown, but for some reason I was still back in Zurich, and for some reason Zurich looked exactly like my hometown, so I wondered why I had to give them directions to the restaurant if they surely knew the city better than me. It was night, the road was wet and we kept entering dead-end streets and going the wrong way. In the end we found ourselves in a big square that was full of people. We find out there was some charity event where they gave food to the homeless and the poor. I find there a colleague of mine, dressed in a red wool cap and a flannel shirt, holding a vacuum-sealed chunk of veal. I notice other colleagues and I think it’s pretty sad that one would pass himself as a homeless guy just to save 20 euro on a meal.

We then took the subway, but the tunnel was made with white plastic cardboard and had light-blue writings in the shape of the SS Lazio logo. There were no tracks, so the train was on wheels. I thought it was curious.

I was then with Gffp at the juventus Stadium, on the field’s sideline, watching the derby between Torino and juventus. juventus fans were protesting because they kept wanting fouls to be whistled while attacking. We were near the south-east corner flag, and I noticed that the south stand was built in a strange way so there were lots of places that could’t possibly see the near goal and I thought it made no sense, especially for a stadium so new. The situation grew unstable on the stands so we thought it would have been better to leave.

That’s where the dream became partly lucid. I lost Gffp and wandered through the stadium, through corridors and stairs, I kept going downwards (despite the fact that I was already at ground floor, since I was on the pitch). There were pinballs and arcade games, security cameras, TV screens. I was already suspecting it was a dream. I don’t remember what I saw, I probably stopped and watched one of the screens and saw a writing, then I did something expecting the writing to change, but then it was the same again - it makes little sense now, but it did in the dream - and that’s when I understood it was a dream. I said to myself “I have to keep on dreaming now”, so I kept walking, trying to interact with the dream as little as I could. While I was walking, I was hearing music, it was a nice classic rock / metal sounding song, and I was whistling the guitar solo. “Too bad I won’t remember the tune when I wake up”, I said. A hooded guy began following me in the distance, I felt menaced at first, but then I remembered it was a dream and I was the boss. I exited the stadium.

I found myself in the living room of an apartment where there was a big golden retriever sitting on a chair, and a small Cavalier King Charles spaniel besides him. I pet the retriever, then I turned to the spaniel and said to her “you’re not a dog, you’re my daughter”, and the dog smiled and turned into my smaller daughter.

There was also an R-Rated segment before the stadium part. Not gonna tell that.


Thank you for being comprehensive nonetheless :smile:


Pheeew… That was close! :sweat_smile: