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Tell me your dreams


I dreamt a naked man had broken into my house and was confusingly running around with a towel not covering anything at all.

When I confronted him and told to call the police on him the next time he did that (for some reason I seem to be very lenient in that dream) he started arguing and didn´t understand what was wrong about it.

Outside he was picked up by a guy in a car and when I told one of the neighbours they just said:“Well you don´t really know us either, so does that make us criminals? No, you see!” and when that naked man got driven away he shouted something about how he might have had a blunt or two too many.

Then I woke up.



Oh, here it is!


You think the guy got lost on his way to the stadium?


My dream involved a woman. Or, at least it seemed like one.



I had the house dream again.

We moved to a new apartment on a very big complex that had an enormous parking lot that was shared with an harbour and other places, there were bars at the entrance and you had to take a ticket and pay for the stay. On the right, the parking spots were for people embarking on the different ships in the harbour, so I went to the left and parked near the reception of this big complex. I told the lady my name and while she looked for my keys I took a look at the parking prices. It was 20 euro for “family with two kids” but only 10 for “divorced dad with two kids” and I thought, how the hell will they know that my parked car brought in only me or my wife?, so I bought a ticked for divorced dad and put it in the car. Our apartment was in the building called Pavoletti 3 and it was on the third floor. I was amused by the fact that the third floor was the only one that was missing, having lived on the ground foor, the first, the second and the fourth before (actually not true).

The apartment was a duplex actually, with the entrance on the third floor and another floor downstairs. I went to the balcony, which was enormous. The downstairs floor had actually access to the road (so it was basically a ground floor) which led to car boxes and I wanted to know how I could get there with my car so I didn’t have to pay to park. I find a young couple with a teenage son on the balcony, which was shared with another apartment, so I thought they were my neighbors, and I introduced myself, but only the boy answered “I’m Johann” and went away. I notice that the balcony was connected to a grassy bridge above the car boxes (so the downstairs floor was actually the underground floor) and it brought to an enormous playground and a pizzeria. I was amazed, I told my wife “look! there’s a playground here! and a pizzeria! we can basically order pizza and have it delivered by foot on our balcony!” and then I told the daughters to come and see the playground.

It was enormous and there were hundreds of families playing there. There was only one downside: it had like lots of tracks for marbles, but instead of marbles, water was running down the different carvings. And the weather wasn’t that fine, so we didn’t want our daughters to get wet… but they still did, and they got muddy too. I walked further and found a gigantic set of slides and stairs and trampolines and told my older daughter, who went crazy and began climbing (she loves it) so I followed her. This soft-play-like path went upwards and upwards until we found ourseves in the ceiling of a very tall school P.E. room where children were playing volleyball. It was too high and the only way of going further was doing the horizontal ladder. Which my daughter can do, but we were like 10 meters above the ground and there was just a hardwood floor and I didn’t want to risk. Moreover, I can’t do it, so I couldn’t help her.

So we got back and went to two steep slides on the side of a hill, both green, both wet. I wanted to go first because if a slide is wet 1) you wet your clothes 2) you go faster, so I wanted to protect my daughters from the cold water and the harsh landing, but my daughter pushed me and slid. I was angry because I was almost falling from the hill, so I went down and grounded her.

I don’t remember the connection but I remember I then found out that the “divorced father” price was valid just for the volleyball lessons, because on that complex there was a weekly “divorced father and daughter volleybal day”.

And then I was at the beach with my wife, she wanted to have a swim but she feared the water might be too cold (it was October also in the dream) so we both put on a wetsuit, the water was OK, and I wanted to bring my youngest daughter with us, but she was already in the water and she can’t swim and I had to save her.


I remember two things from my dreams last night:

  1. Frantically stuffing print-outs from Monkey Island 2 into a jiffy bag at the side of the road, then stuffing that into a very full post box. I was in a hurry to catch a train which I would probably miss.

  2. Playing a game of Solitaire (the card game). It was a close-up view of the cards as I was playing it, as if viewed through a camera over my shoulder.

I don’t think there’s anything particularly ‘deep’ there. I’ve got a cold and my head is basically a big mucus piñata, so I’ve been playing lots of games.


Wow, a test of your marriage even in your sleep. That part is just screaming to be analyzed…


I had to go to Germany from Sardinia sitting on a kick scooter and pushing myself with the hands. It was a long dream.

I also dreamed that my daughter had to do an audition for the role of Owlette from PJ Masks, but the guy on the phone seemed not impressed because she spent the whole time silent, not answering any of the questions. But then he said she had the right moves (how did she see her on the phone?) and said she didn’t have to speak anyway, so she passed the first screening and that she could probably interpret her at an Ikea event in Göteborg in a couple of months.


I dreamed last night that a movie theater owner I know would give away his entire VHS collection to me for free.*

I literally woke up saying: “Damnit, that was just a dream!”

*I don´t even know if he has an impressive collection in real life at all.


Is that important? It’s free! :smiley:


Well, it would matter if he had exactly none left!


From my Facebook memories:

I woke up laughing because Gerry Scotti*, filmed by cameras for an advertisement after a volleyball match outside of a Japanese restaurant made me notice that the giant prawn that had just jumped was exactly “under your pepper”. It makes no sense but in the dream we were both laughing to tears.
*Italian TV host


You would have to have been there. :sleeping_bed:


Finally, after a lot of time, I have another dream I want to tell.

I was in southern Switzerland, driving with my car. I tell my GPS navigator to bring me home, and it computes the route to Zurich, but it’s perfectly normal to me. So, I’m driving north, approaching the Gotthard tunnel, which somehow makes me a bit anxious, even if I’m not claustrophobic. But instead of being in the usual highway, it looks like a mountain road, there are turns and curves and I’m going uphill. The only difference with an usual mountain route is that the other lane is on a separate road, that makes specular turns making the road look kinda like a DNA strand on my GPS map.

I reach the tunnel entrance, but it’s slightly different than I remember. It has only one direction, and on the left there’s like an emergency lane, paved in red diagonal stripes. As soon as I enter, I see other cars moving to the left and some smoke, I fear there might be some crash inside so I slow down, but I see nothing, some cars just park there and the drivers exit their vehicles. On the right side I now notice a sidewalk and lots of doors with yellow exit signs that seem to lead to stairs. I keep on driving, slowly, on this tunnel that’s way more curvy than it’s supposed to be, and keeps going upwards and downwards, until I somehow understand that it’s just a garage, and I have to park because that’s the customs.

So I park, enter one of those doors that leads me to a long and winding set of stairs with green handrails and those anti-slip steps covered in black rubber with embossed circles. I arrive in an underground hall with the customs counter. I’m lucky there’s one without queue so I go there, there’s a lady whose face is familiar to me. I give her my passport and say I have nothing to declare - in fact, I shouldn’t even, since I came from Switzerland herself. She see’s I’m agitated and says “Fabio, don’t run”. I say “I won’t”. She looks at my passport, where somehow there’s a list of my possessions that I had to declare at the customs. And all my possessions are Nintendo consoles (a Wii, two DS-Lite). She says that I’m right, I didn’t have to declare anything. Then we watch each other in the eyes, because we both had the same déja-vu.
“I already told you this, didn’t I?”, she says. I say “you were working in Zurich, weren’t you?”, and she nods. I don’t think this dream refers to something that really happened, but in-dream I could now clearly recall a time where I had to stop at a Swiss customs office in Zurich and talked with that very same lady about my Nintendo consoles.

She gives my passport back and wishes me a good journey, so I exit the hall going upstairs and begin to look for my car. I feel lost, there’s doors and stairs everywhere and I can’t remember where I came from. There are two kids, 7 to 10 years, running around excited because they found “a secret”. The mother comes and tells them that they shouldn’t have looked behind those doors that were clearly labeled as private, but they keep saying that it’s “so cool” and they can’t wait until it becomes public. Now the mother is intrigued and I am too, so we take a peek behind the closed door.

We just see a giant pirate sword handle, all grey. It begins to rotate. As it does so, it raises a bit, as if it were being unscrewed. It turns out to be a giant cocktail plastic sword, but instead of olives and pimento, it pierces cars. We understand it’s the new parking system and we must admit, it is cool, and I can’t wait until it becomes operative.

I finally find my car and begin driving out of the tunnel. I’m still on top of the curvy road. I begin going down, letting gravity push my car, trying to follow my GPS, but it keeps telling me to turn back whenever one of the two “DNA roads” crosses the other. After a while, I decide to do so and get back up to the tunnel entrance. I park outside of it and see four people (three men, a woman) walking to a funicular railway whose station was a couple of meters on the left of the customs tunnel.

I approach them, finger raised to signal I want their attention. It’s cold outside, they have heavy coats and I can see clouds as they breathe. “Excuse me, I have a question”, I say. “A quick one, please”, says the taller man. He looks like a young John Cleese, mustache and all. “It is”, I say. “How do I get past the Gotthard?”
The four people exchange looks like I asked what’s 1+1, and John Cleese says “easy, the route to Pamela’s house”. “Which is…?” and he laughs and tells me the street name, as if I had to already know it. I don’t remember it now, but I remember writing it on my GPS and of course I needed the town too.

“Which town?”, I ask. My GPS suggests me the nonexistent city of Prescia (not Brescia, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken). “Is it Prescia? Or Airolo, Quinto (two cities near the actual tunnel entrance)?”. They don’t answer.

“Do I have to take the pass? Is the tunnel closed?”, I ask again. The shortest man says “no no, the tunnel’s open”, and the woman says “are you sure? It’s March” and the third man says “but it’s pretty cold, so” and they begin arguing (despite the fact that when it’s winter the pass closes, not the tunnel). They don’t answer anymore, keep on arguing about weather and tunnels, and they enter the funicular station leaving me alone.

I think that’s when I woke up.

I also have other scenes from another dream (or two dreams) but now I really have to get back to work.


I had two recurrent dreams, yesterday and today.

Yesterday it was the “I’m late for work” dream. And as usual, when I arrived at work, everyone was staring at me, knowing that I was going to be reprimanded.

Today, the usual “I’m losing my teeth”. This time, however, I was losing only one, my center-right upper incisor. It was already half broken, and I could feel part of it dangling in my mouth. It hurt a bit, but not much. I just wanted it to fall. After a while, it fell (completely, not just the dangling part). I smiled at a mirror to see how I looked like, and I was pleased to see that my missing tooth was barely noticeable.


Haha! You overcame the anxiety tooth dream. Mine always ends with me panicking and no one caring that my teeth are falling out, then I wake up. I’ll try and ingrain the idea of looking in a mirror for next time.

I find it interesting how some anxiety dreams can hit a peak and wake someone up, and other times they get nicely resolved by the reassuring part of your brain, like in yours.

The only thing I remember about last night’s dream is that it featured my colleague who, in real life, is having trouble with his back. In the dream I was trying to massage it to be helpful (not a normal thing, for the record!) but he had two small pieces of rope coming out of his back (a bit like a fuse, now that I think about it), and I was struggling to work around them.




Kinda like operating a marionette?


Yeah, sort of. Except I was very aware that the ropes were connected to his insides, and worried about accidentally snagging them.


Is he someone you usually have to help out/assist with in any way? Trying to make sense of how that would work as a symbol.