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Tell me your dreams


No, but we’ve been chatting a lot lately about various things. He does find it a bit difficult to open up so perhaps it’s an indication of me wanting to help, but finding barriers and wanting to tread carefully.


Do you have like moles or marks that stand out? I have a small mole on my head that I often risk of cutting when I’m shaving. Your “back ropes” dream made me think of that.


All over! Maybe I should have kept my hair long afterall…


Last night I had a dream that I read in the column of a local journalist I don´t like that he mentioned my name and called me “a funny twitterer”.


Can’t you see it positive? You are famous! :smiley:


I do! Even though he´s a bit of a nemesis of another local journalist who´s a friend of mine.
But he´d probably say “no such thing as bad publicity!” :laughing:


Last night I dreamed my friend fixed us up with a ‘modelling gig’. It was a wedding shoot, and I was going to be a bridesmaid. It was taking place in a big field and I was being made up in a tent.

Then the woman in charge said ‘I think we’re going to give you hives’. I was like, ‘what’? And she explained that it would form part of my assessment, to withstand the hives. Concerned, I asked if they would be on my face – she said yes. I asked if they would be visible in the shoot – she said yes. I asked, ‘so I’m playing a bridesmaid… with hives?’ ‘Yes.’

Then, it suddenly turned out that they had too many models and because my friend and I had turned up the latest we were going to be ditched. I was really annoyed (despite the lack of hives) and I said I wouldn’t work for them again.



Pah, I wanna see who they selected instead of you! :smirk:



I also had a dream in which I walked through an impressive looking city. It was very smooth and slick and futuristic but there was also an old town part that was one half completly deserted and another had kind of a Mad Max scenario happening in it. It was genius art design.

And I literally woke up just to mumble the word:“Cooooool!” and then went back to sleep.

It´s strange but when I´m feeling the worst my dreams are often much better than reality. I wanna go back to that place!


Haha, that’s a really funny image :smile:

It’d be so great if there was a way to record our dreams and (selectively) show them to other people. Because I don’t think we can ever accurately convey what it was like (though I suppose that’s because a lot of it is about mood, not just visuals).


This is so true. I woke up in the middle of a dream this morning. There was a voice of someone that I assumed was a Sheriff who turned out to be a giant cheetah that stood upright and acted human.
I normally don’t remember dreams but I happened to wake up right after that.

This is a big part of why I feel I can never fully explain a dream. The most random things in the dream have deep emotional connections. It’s so abstract and yet makes perfect sense in the moment. There’s so much personal experience involved, like things that connect to someone you knew, who connects to an event from 20 years ago. You would need a full database of your thoughts and memories for someone else to fully dissect your recorded dreams.


Stephen Goldin ‘And Not Make Dreams Your Master’


I dreamed that I pissed myself during a meeting.


A somewhat departure from Guga’s usual in-depth reports :laughing:


I know, but if I think about it, the whole dream just reduces to that: I was on a meeting we hate (“Estimation meeting”, where we weekly sit and discuss about how long we think some future developments will take, and it’s a waste of time because it’s not something you can estimate around a table) and I began peeing. Then I woke up, and when I fell back asleep, I dreamed that I was telling all my colleagues about this dream :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, by the way. I quit :smiley: starting January 2019 I’ll work in another company. Will it be the end of my job related nightmares?


Oh! Congrats! Let’s hope so as long as you still have interesting dreams we can talk about :wink:


I had a nice chat with an old friend tonight who surprisingly and suddenly died from a heartattack a couple of years ago (leaving behind wife, daughter and small granddaughter).

He was one of the nicest people, ever.


That’s very sad. It’s nice you had a chat with him. Those dreams are always kind of bittersweet.


Yeah, it´s been at least three cases like this within 7 years and everytime when I wake up after talking to one of them it still needs a while for me to realise the reality again.


Yeah, that sounds emotionally tough.