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Tell me your dreams


It’s too bad we can’t channel those kind of dreams at will. At least for me, it doesn’t work that way.


I don´t think it does for anyone. Not even conciously immersing myself in a single topic is guaranteed to trigger any special nocturnal experiences related to that. The brain doesn´t work like that it seems.


When it happens (rarely) that I speak to someone in a dream who has passed, I always wrestle with what it means when I wake up. Obviously it’s my imagination and brain creating the dream, but is there more to it than that? Or is it just wishful thinking to consider something more profound is happening…


I think the most cruel thing that someone ever said to me in a dream was. “Oh that was all a big misunderstanding. I’m fine!” So wishful thinking may certainly play a part.


I’ve had that a few times too. Though in the dream itself I’m annoyed that I’d been lied to all this time. Then when I wake up it’s doubly crap!

But then there was that amazing lucid dream where I ‘saw’ my dad again and he showed me how to fly, because he knew we were in a dream.

He was also naked but I try and forget that part.


See that´s one of the reasons I´m not a Freudian. I think you can safely ignore details like that without losing any sort of insight.


Last night I dreamed that @ZakPhoenixMcKracken was shooting a movie based on the new fangame by @Dany82.
I was watching some shooting that took place at Zak’s house. After the end of the shooting, I watched the scenes, and tought they were good (they were actually good in the dream!) They involved a model of a wooden ship that was at Zak’s house.


Had the weirdest most vivid dream where I was in a town I don´t know (it had a nice really old looking old town, might have been Würzburg maybe) that was pretty much locked down because an extreme right wing Neo Nazi party held a demonstration there which made it really hard to navigate there. The whole experience was mostly me struggling with a few others (which mostly happened to be people from schools I went to) to find secure routes where we could finally hop onto a train or bus to get home (next problem at home would then be how to get to the village where each of us lived).

I know a lot happened there and was said there, but I can´t remember many details. I know I stopped in a restraurant once and was thrown out for unknown reasons. I know I considered hiding in a church and a parking garage on at least once occasion and when I ran into some of the neo nazis I got shouted at, I think later I realised I wore a T Shirt that had some sort of equality supporting saying on it, which might have triggered some anger in those idiots.

It was complicated and weird and I wish I could remember more because there was a lot happening in it and it seemed very real in parts, though it didn´t make much sense I guess.


I noticed I’m having troubles remembering my dreams. It’s probably because 1) I have less time to think about it and write on the forum and 2) I’m sleeping worse - one daughter is disturbed by something and is waking up every third hour, the other one is sick.

Today, I was chatting with my sister and another friend of mine. My sister told me the name of a town and I looked it up on Google, it brought me to a small village in the Canton of Grisons, southern Switzerland. It was mostly country but there was this one building, a pink cube, and I wrote her “isn’t it where you got married?” and she confirmed. The other friend told me another name, and it was also in southern Switzerland, and I asked if it was right and he said “what? no, it’s a place in Greece”. So I went back to the Maps tab with the place my sister was in and I navigated with Street View, and I was suddenly there, in front of a pizzeria. I remember I was looking for a toilet. I finally find one, but it’s in the middle of a hall and there’s people coming and going. So I spend quite some time to move panels and walls so the toilet finally has some privacy, but now the toilet is totally dirty, full of piss. I try to wipe with toilet paper, but it’s too much, it’s still wet, and I can’t wait anymore and I have to sit.


Of course not!

I dreamed again that I was fearing for my working times. I had to visit my new office on a Monday afternoon so I went to work in the morning but then I had to leave and looked at the clock and said “whoa, I only worked two hours… the bosses won’t be happy”. And I didn’t stop to think “well who cares, I already quit”, I was worried the whole “afternoon”. And the new office happened to be my old one, I found all my ex colleagues there.

It kinda feels like when you’re dreaming of your ex with whom you had a great relationship but you broke up because one of you had to leave for work/study but it’s been a year now and you should already have moved on.


Most people (me included) never stop having school dreams.