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The 2018 what are we playing thread


Updated my list to include Midnight Scenes 2, which I really enjoyed :slight_smile:


Seems like I have a bit time until friday. Is it a long game?

Ah, never mind. Looks like it´s a bit big for my phone´s storage. :frowning:


It also seems to be on Steam.


It took me 4 nights (10 hours total, more or less)


Damn, I only got three more days left!

Well I will remember to put it on my steam wishlist anyway! :slight_smile:


My first hour with Red Dead Redemption 2:


They had a ginormous two-gable ad for that on the Meir.


Curious to read what you think about this one. I’m currently playing Arkham Horror the card game and I’m really enjoying the Mythos universe…


Tuesday night we´ll know! :slight_smile:

I´m specially curious about the sanity and madness mechanic. Appearently you can contract the same phobias as in the PnP original.


I am pbly the only one here who knows what that is :grin:


Make sure to check out this doc if you haven´t already seen it:


Current status:




100-hour work weeks for this??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Well, it´s what they said you´d get from those tired people.


Let’s get all Latin down on the grass, magno cum gaudio!


And that’s why you wouldn’t want long working ours in areas where life matters. Like law enforcement or medical… oh wait…

Where is my towel???


More from the “could have been better” department.

You see, @tasse-tee isn´t the only one playing for the glitches. :grin:


I didn’t play it, but read a lot of negative comments, some of them from nothingbuttofminusthat Kenobit. He wrote:

"I don’t like Red Dead Redemption 2, and I honestly do not understand the burst of 10 that have rained.


Rockstar continues to pursue absolute realism, and with each game it gets closer and closer to its goal, but at what price? Is it really worth sacrificing the immediacy and smoothness of the gameplay to have a game that “looks like a movie”?

The interface is so awkward and woody that the game itself feels compelled to remind you what button to press each time you try to do something meaningful. Command layers are a not very elegant solution, which often leads to demented errors that break the above realism.

Because realism is more real and more fragile.

I do not think that slowing down the whole game and inserting thousands of animations for each action is the solution to the problem. Players will never be perfect actors, and games will never be accurate and clean like movies. And that’s okay.

The production value of RDR2 is out of scale and I like the story, but if I want to see a movie I go to the cinema. Why David Cage gets the stones for Heavy Rain (rightly), and Rockstar can not do anything wrong? Many friends that I respect have given ratings of an epochal masterpiece to a game that I think deserves at most an eight, and just because it’s nice to see and because the story intrigues enough to make the fatigue of gameplay digest. The hype exists and nobody knows how to brand it as Rockstar, but I’m curious to see how many actually end the game and how many will drop it in half. I will go ahead to play it, out of curiosity and professional updating, but every time I get on the horse I think: “Give me back BOTW.”


I think the only negative comments I´ve heard so far are about the controls. What surprises me the most is that you seemingly cannot jump. You can hop over obstacles but you cannot just jump. Except that I also fear that the realism might put a bit of a damper on the fun, but so far it works.

This review seems to have been written by somebody with a very short attention span. I wouldn´t write anything like that when I only just have started playing.

Oh yeah, the game where swords break. What a good example. :roll_eyes: