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The 2018 what are we playing thread



Sure, even more beeping cat pictures


There is more!

Rad Cat Convention :cat2:


0:05: Cat physics need improvement :smirk:



I noticed that. But isn´t it great hot it scratches the wood and how the eyes turn reflective in the dark?


Yes :kissing_smiling_eyes: :smiley_cat:


A real cowboy doen’t need a comfy bed; the floor and an empty drawer will suffice.

Or perhaps he poked his head through a hole in the side of the drawer when he was little, and has been stuck ever since (maybe that’s where his parents used to keep all the sweets).

Some reviews I read seemed to list that more as a quality, and not as a flaw. Reminded me a lot of Kingdom Come: Deliverance (which despite lacking the marketing capacity and credentials of Rockstar managed to sell +1M copies). So I guess there’s an audience for those kind of games.

  • Started Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales
    This one is a bit of a mixed bag. I liked Gwent in TW3, so I was naturally eager to play more of that in a single player setting. Where it really shines is the puzzles, where you have a fixed deck of cards that need to be played in exactly the right way in order to win. All the rest is quite casual, however. Also, was a bit of a hassle to get it to run on Linux.


Got totally smashed with ma buddies today. :beer: :wine_glass: :dizzy_face:


It´s not a glitch, it´s a yoga practise!


It’s happening…




GORN! :joy:

I almost posted that one myself!


Couldn’t resist, old chap.

I haven’t started any new games in ages. They’re all too tinny.


Certainly there has to be a game called INTERCOURSE? Or CONCUBINE?


Thank you! haven’t seen it. Will bookmark it.


In Call Of Cthulhu you play a private detective who investigates the burning of an old mansion on a remote island that took the lives of a family.

You play the game in first person. You get the hotspots displayed from pretty much far away but only if you have a good light source. Otherwise you need to have either your lighter or lantern (which needs to be fueled, but not often it seems) You talk to people by circeling through a cycle that lets you select the questions and subquestions and specific topics. What you can ask depends on previous info you have gathered.

You collect clues and items from your environment sometimes you need stuff to be combined but that happens by itself when you have all you need.

One part of investigating are the reconstruction scenes that are neat more for your understanding of the story than a real useful gamplay element. You basically enter them on a prompt and then you have to uncover all the hotspots that show certain parts of events that unfolded in the past. The way it is designed looks real good, but it doesn´t really add much.

Everytime you have had some sort of success you are awarded character points that you can add to your several talents Investigation, Spot Hidden Things, Psychology, Strenght and Eloquence. Every couple of points per talent you can level up, which seems to happen rather fast. The only talents you cannot add points to are Medicine and Occult knowledge, you need to collect books or look at clues to progress with those.

That´s what I have seen so far after 3 hours of play. I only died once because I was caught by a cultist. But I got reset to a checkpoint that was literally seconds before that so I almost had to redo nothing.

It definitely looks interesting so far. But those are just my first impressions.


Statue outside Hawkins Manor

View of Hawkins Manor

Strange statue in underground cavern

Interestingly I´m already now past all the pre release promo photo and video stuff. From here on out every new vista will be completely new to me. Seems they did a great job in not showing too much.


I hate stealth! :weary:


I love stealth! :star_struck: