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The 2018 what are we playing thread


Shut up!


I mean it´s bloody groundhog day!

Bloody 'ell!!


But then at least you´re rewarded with stuff like this:



There was an AMA on reddit with the devs. Seems a lot of people complained the lack of polish, suggesting it was rushed. Guess you’re not having issues?


Not something that would affect the playability at least. While I also play Red Dead Redemption 2 at the same time the graphics are noticably inferior. The animations don´t look very natural and sometimes the spoken dialogue is out of sync with the lip movements (or you hear people talk when their lips don´t move for one or two seconds).

I´d be surprised if they did rush it considering they postponed the release by a whole year without ever explaining why.


Looks like a Nicci French cover



Call Of Cthulhu

I have mixed feelings, but was super immersed at the end. The randomised trial and error puzzles, stealth elements that let you repeat passages countless times over until you finally figured out how to do something, the streamlined simple walking passages and the seemingly rare occasions where you actually get to use your skills leave a bit of a sour taste in the mouth, though. Also the graphics just fall flat when compared to that one other game I play at the moment (and still not even halfway through storymode btw.)

But I liked the story, I liked the mythos references and the overall monster design. Was a bit shocked that you only see the great dreamer for a split second at the end. The credits roll the moment you can tell it´s him really. I knew he wouldn´t be there for long but I hoped for just maybe a few seconds more. Thus it was more like a blink it or miss it thing almost.

They say there are at least 3 more variations to the ending (I guess it must have something to do with the post credit scene?). Anyway maybe there is a little more to it than what I´ve seen on that first playthrough. At least now I can check out some videos, reviews and guides now that I know what it all leads to (not that it was such a big surprise anyway).

5 out of 8 Tentacles from me.


Best rating system ever! :wink:


Thanks for the tentastic review! I’m going to wait for this one and get it on sale.


Well I certainly didn´t expect Red Dead Redemption to take me to Monkey Island!

Follow chaingang


Aaaaaand we finally have a new magic moment! :star_struck:

I hope they release that soundtrack!


Welcome to the Jungle!

Row, row, row yer boat!

The golden age of balloning

And just some more impressions:


finished: The Last Door Season 2

I did not unlock all the achievements - well I did a few before but then I installed it using GogGalaxy and had to replay and missed a couple of them. Since there is only an auto-save, the only way to get an achievement is to replay an entire episode… which frankly, the game isn’t good enough for to do.

Anyway, just to explain that I was looking into an achievement guide… and one of them involves getting ALL the hidden secrets. Which are a lot (you don’t even know how many) and are pretty obscure - involving reading stuff that is only readable upon the second playthrough. Or waiting for certain ambient noises and stuff…
HOWEVER, there is one nice secret (I’d blur it as a spoiler, but then again, if you’d ever think of this yourself… you can probably read through any blurring anyway.) :

Secret 11
Once you put the missing key back into the piano and placed the music sheet on it you can start playing it. If you play one of two known secret melodies and leave the room with the piano the secret will count as discovered.
Working melodies are (Notes used in english language, notation differs in other languages):
Fa#, Fa#, La, Sol#, Fa#, Mi, Fa# - Monkey Island Theme
Fa#, Sol, La, Re, Mi, Fa#, Sol - Indiana Jones Theme 

I thought that was funny (in a way-too-far-fetched-way)


Looks interesting enough (and GOG had both seasons on sale), so here’s another one (nay, two) for those long, dark winter evenings.


Funniest glitch in RDR2 so far:

While engaged in a knifefight I accidently hit the “calm horse” button which shouldn´t do anything at that moment, but while I was slashing at my opponent Arthur Morgan said:“Yeaaaaah, that´s a goooood girl!!!”



I would love to see that glitch, if you can recreate it! :laughing:


I should have thought of recording it. I laughed really hard at that (even though it was an intense scene and I had to concentrate).

Not very likely I can make that happen again, I think!


Finished: Red Dead Redemption 2* and now I´ve got something in my eye… :cry:

*In the sense that I completed the story and saw the credits, games like this of course are never really finished.


Are you crying, or has it just been raining on your face?


For your information there’s an inflammation in my tear gland.