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The 2018 what are we playing thread


Wow, you finished it quickly!


7 years from now

It’s not a real game, but a visual poignant novel.
Pixel art (too much pixelated), only a few user interaction, but a well-written plot, and final.

It’s free.


A few more impressions before my final verdict:


Comments on Red Dead Redemption 2:


  • Again one of the greatest stories in narrative gaming, with an emotional twist that hits you real hard in the feels.
  • Beautiful graphics and landscapes
  • Wonderful soundtrack (a Willie Nelson song at one point!)
  • Super immersive interactive world with still tons to do after story is finished
  • Sadie Adler is by far the greatest female character R* ever had in a game, what a cool cowgirl! :heart_eyes:


  • It does play a bit slow at times and some quicktime events give you a pseudoimpression of interactivity
  • The epilogue is longer than Return Of The King (the book!)
  • Sometimes a goal or conditions of mission failure are unclear
  • Going into certain missions with bad stats can give you a really hard time

But overall the positives weigh out the negatives BY FAR. The first game is one of my all time favourites but this one is such gorgoeus immersive adventure experience far more than just a game, I may like it even better. What a game!


Thought I’d give an update on that one, as it keeps getting better and better (though also too easy). It definitely keeps the spirit of the Witcher books; can be a bit cruel at times (but there’s war raging, after all), but also very funny, with a dry, almost underhanded humour.

The card matches are varied and can get quite creative at times. They usually reflect the situation or event that triggered them surprisingly well.

All in all, a nice mix of narrative, puzzles and exploration, with a bit of resource gathering and base building thrown in.


Found “blue hell” in a big lake, just sitting there. This was indefinitely repeatable.

I could do this all day!





Well this turned into a weird mix of True Detective and Hannibal all of a sudden!

The darker sides of RDR2

Bonus: a bowl of @PiecesOfKate!


Updated list:

The Cave
What Remains of Edith Finch
Maniac Mansion

Thomas Was Alone
Midnight Scenes: Highway

The Secret of Monkey Island


Little Nightmares
Hidden Folks

The Librarian
Midnight Scenes: The Goodbye Note

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

Wonder if I can squeeze in one more this side of 2018? :thinking:


Okay guys, throw in your suggestions here! :point_right: :inbox_tray:



That one shouldn’t take more than a couple days.


Uhhhh. I wondered what you were talking about. I own multiple Call Of Cthulhu games on GOG.

Seem like another marketing genie… (I’d like to punch).


Are they all officially Chaosium sanctioned? I´m pretty sure Dark Corners Of The Earth (which could simply be called Shadows over Innsmouth) is.


I have all three of them on GOG. I don’t think they could call themselves like that when they weren’t properly licensed.

The first two (older ones) were released 1992 and 1996 and made by Infogrames.
Dark Corners of the Earth is from 2006 (Headfirst Productions / Bethesda Softworks LLC).

It seems like the new one’s full name is Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game but it’s just called Call of Cthulhu everywhere.

Ohh I hate that!


Yeah, I think if they use the official font that you can find on the games supplements they probably have a copyright in there, too.

I think the reason they choose for that simple title was that it while not really an adaptation of the short story at all it included an important element from it which is the ending in which Cthulhu is actually summoned, at least in one of the variations, and since he only appears in the story of the same name, it makes sense to relate to that in the title.

Of course they could have given it a subtitle like: The Case of the burnt down creepy mansion/dead painter etc. or something that at least alludes to most of the actual plot of the campaign. Another nice thing about that would have been that it would have opened the door for maybe more episode like story campaign expansions. With it being as short as it was, it would be nice to have more to play, but looking at the ratings I don´t think there will be more, soon.


Loom is magical. Though with about 8 weeks of the year left, how about my all-time favourite, Memoria? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With its low-key German P&P RPG atmosphere, allusions to classic P&C genre gems, diverse puzzles, scenic vistas and the most satisfying ending in computer-game history … okay, okay, little bit of bias here :blush:.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how well the English version holds up in terms of translation and voice acting. I hear Daedalic is known to drop the ball on these on occasion.

The (adventure) games on sale thread

I´m getting an black eye just from reading this.


Sale in the PS Store!

Meaning I got myself Sports Bar VR for a neat € 6,99. A game that promises to contain all kinds of mini games from pool over darts, air hockey, bowling etc etc.

It was about time I got myself some casual VR game that has endless replayability since I haven´t played VR in a while.


Phew, that tired me out! Well I suck at virtual billard against AI as much as in real Billiard. Only without the chatting and getting drunk with friends. Air Hockey against an AI is fast and difficult. Darts was the only one that didn´t really feel like the real thing at all. Ramp Ball I probably enjoyed the most.

Too bad checkers and chess doesn´t seem to have AI function. So I could only play against myself. Which then again might be the only way I could win anyway.

But the good thing is that I can switch off the generic blues rock that is on the jukebox and have my spotifyl play instead, so I can listen to anything while playing one of those games, or just breaking bottles for fun (which you can also do).


I always wondered what people are talking about with this Cthulhu thing. In my mind it’s some kind of ancient demon/pre-historic god. Like Ba’al. But with Central American roots.

Didn’t care to look it up yet.