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The 2018 what are we playing thread


Oh-oh, controllers are great for gaming, but for a shooter? When I come around playing this game I will try it but I couldn’t imagine playing something like Dark Forces 2 with a controller.

Stupid console port, always missing all kind of options…
I always enable subtitles because English isn’t my first language.

More like 125 years: The comes before Tomb!


It is a game?
Oh, yeah and it’s not really a shooter. As a matter of fact you’re swinging a lightsaber and unleashing force moves most of the time. It feels more like a good old side scrolling beat’em up. In 3D. With Star Wars. I like it.

As does Thimbleweed Park!


Controllers are generally great for gaming, but not always.
They work great for platformers… and of course p’n’c adventures like Thimbleweed Park!

DF2 was a mixture between FPS and TPLSP (Third Person Lightsaber Swinging Perspective).
Oh and you could shoot down Tie Fighters. So it’s also a Shoot’em Up! DF2 but also DF1 were fun!

  • Finished Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales
    Took me about 21h and was an okay experience. My biggest complaint is that they completely revamped the way Gwent plays compared to how it played in The Witcher 3. As a result, no matter the opponent, matches all pretty much played the same and could be won with the same strategy. The puzzle matches also got worse towards the end … guess they ran out of ideas and resorted to have you play Memory instead.


Played Doom 2016 (yeah I know another title of that sort!) on the PS4 and it worked wonderfully. It´s all a matter of individual execution and personal ability to adapt.


Timesplitters on the GC was just fine (as were its predecessors like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark).

I think Wolf3D and Doom play better or at least more comfortably with a controller.


I think those are fine because they are so simple. But the more advanced the controls get the more I tend to prefer to have something that fits neatly in two hands. Doom 2016 and Wolfenstein The New Order would probably have been a bit too much for me on mouse and keys (I absolutly hate games where I have to lean and crouch and sprint a lot using keys).


Are you talking about the original ones? They are fine because you don’t need precise aiming.
I don’t know about new ones like Doom 2016, but playing older FPS where aiming matters in any way I like mouse aiming and absolutely hate aiming with a controller.

If precise aiming doesn’t matter so much then playing with a controller is probably fine (e.g. swinging a lightsaber vs. aiming a gun in Counter-Strike).


Are we talking d-pads or analogue sticks on controllers?


analogue stick vs. mouse


I’d say “DF2” (JK) is a FPS mainly. The few lightsaber things were hard as hell. I always played them in first person view, because the crosshair helped to aim at least a little bit.
If you like shooting down Tie Fighters, you’ll love TFU!

Oh, yeah - which reminds me I still need to finish Jedi Outcast! (Kyle Katarn from DF/JK)


I played them in TPP. I don’t even remember 1st person was possible in those.


You couldn’t play PC Counter-Strike on a console without making it easier to play, but you could play Counter-Strike on a console just fine.

Goldeneye, Perfect Black and TimeSplitters are the original proof, followed by Halo and much more.

As an aside, Shadow of the Tomb Raider had a couple of stupid shootout sections similar to its predecessors. After dying a couple of times I switched to trackball & keyboard to quickly headshot off the stupid enemy swarms.

But the d-pad on the Dual Shock 2 and onward is also analog (pressure sensitive).

Naturally we’re talking about decent analog sticks like on the Xbox One controller. :wink:


Oh really? Interesting. Although they shouldn’t be called d-pad then. Maybe trigger-pad?


yeah, that’s what I’m using!

It’s a long time ago (pun not intended), but I think in DF there even was no TPP?

There was no lightsaber in DF1, this one was first person only.

In DF2/JK1 I played guns in 1st person and lightsaber in 3rd person. I don't remember how the switching worked.

JK2 I've played like DF2/JK1. Was switching perspectives here also a manual process?


press F !
Funnily, I remember THAT!


Oh I’ve mixed this one up with JK2. I don’t think you could shoot Tie Fighters down in DF2/JK1 like in JK2.


I think they’re called directional buttons, but I’d say whether it’s a d-pad or d-buttons is whether it’s made out of one piece or not.

They’re the best way to play Tony Hawk 3.It’s more elegant to press lighter or harder than it is to use the left analog stick on the Xbox One controller. Something digital (like a keyboard) is quite poor in comparison.

If you want the ultimate FPS controls you should have a controller for walking (like the Wii Nunchuck) and a mouse/trackball/touchpad for shooting. Possibly like the Steam controller, but I’ve never held it. People have also modded Xbox controllers with trackballs instead of sticks.


JK2 = Mysteries of the Sith?
Or Jedi Outcast?