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The 2018 what are we playing thread


Edit: Oh, now I have to start playing all three of them in 2018.


I have noted recently on Fanatical that they don’t know what the real titles of these games are. I think they referred to Outcast and Academy as JK 1 & 2 respectively.


Which, of course, is bullshit, but I can understand possible confusion :slight_smile:

Also: When is the new Jedi Knight coming out which, guess what, will just be called Jedi Knight? (j/k)


come to think of it, I think they referred to Jedi Knight: Academy as JK1 and Jedi Knight II: Outcast as JK2.
Which puts the chronology upside-down.

I just watched that FMV intro of the real JK1 on GOG. The acting is still as amateur as I remember it :joy:
But hey, this predates the prequels, so we were impressed with any “new” SW footage.


I’ve started playing Unforeseen Incidents. I really like it. The style is great (reminds me of Quentin Blake, one of my favourite artists). I like the protagonist, too – the voice is perfect – a bit like a more serious Bob from Bob’s Burgers, haha. The puzzle logic has been carefully thought out – the response to certain items updates as you learn why you might need them. Excited to play more.

  • Started Technobabylon (or rather, continued from where I left off, over a year ago, still pretty much at the beginning).
    Now I’m further along, and I actually start to like it. I recall that I quit because I wasn’t sure how to proceed, but apparently I must have had some fresh ideas today :slight_smile:.


Just bought and started Batman Arkham Asylum to see if I could enjoy playing this kind of modern game.
Apart from all the handholding, instructing me which button to push when (ok - it is the intro scenes, so I guess this is just the playable tutorial part anyway), it looks really nice and sucks you right in.


It is supposed to be really good.

But I think those button prompts in QTEs stay throughout the game (yeah I don´t care for that either, but all games these days seem to do that).


It has Mark Hamil as the Joker, so that is a plus!
And it is part of the 1000 games to play before you die.

On the other hand, I am also fiddling with retorArch and launchbox to play some good old retro stuff - without having to spend more time on finding/launching the game than I actually spend on playing the game.
Of course only to (re)play games I have the original cartridges/cassette/disks/… of! :angel:

On a slightly related note: I gave Red Dead Redemption 2 a go in the store the other day - after seeing all the screenshots you posted. Well, I started the game (a puzzle in itself, just pushing random buttons on this PS controller) then walked around the store for 10 minutes to come back and ride a little horsey back in the snow. I put it down after 2 minutes again as it felt as if I was driving a sluggish car on 4 legs okay okay, and because some kids behind me were making fun of my lack of ability to know what I was doing. A girl picked up the controller after me and she made that horse run. Still, I got it to cross a river -after a detour (I turned back first thing, as I don’t like railroad track games) - and still ended up at my talkative companion, at which point I put down the controller, grumbling that all this new games are just a waste of time and money. @Sushi and current gen gaming… nope, not a thing. This Batman and Tombraider thing is as far as I am willing to go. :smile:


Ha, if you think RDR2 is a railroad track kind of game you are definitely doing it wrong!


Again, I was at a store. I doesn’t seem to be that kind of game you can just play for 5 minutes to get a feeling for.


Yeah, I meant to say that. It´s especially not the kind of game that you don´t play from the start (those lenghtly tutorials are there for a reason). Also since the story itself is super immersive that is certainly not the best way to drop into it, I´d say.

  • Finished Technobabylon it’s either a very short game, or I had been further along than I can remember. It looks a bit as if there are multiple endings, though I was happy with the one I got.
    Some of the “rooms” are really pretty, but overall I would have liked the graphics more, had they not been so damn lores (though I think that’s a limitation of AGS). In that case, hand drawn pixel graphics might have looked better compared to dramatically downscaled hires art.


Always. It worked better than I expected on Primordia though.


*Checks GOG library*


One of the games I gobbled up, not even knowing what it is all about :slight_smile:. Though I also want to play/continue Shardlight. But with vacation and holiday season nearing fast, not in this year, I think.


Primordia is quite good really. :slight_smile:


I’m stuck in Unforeseen Incidents!

The game, that is.

I have two objectives at the moment:

* find someone called Halliwell

* ask around town to try and find out where the science facility is

No one in the hotel will help. I tried calling the numbers in the hotel guest book but none of the people seem to be Halliwell. I’ve got my yellow suit with the red painted on, and I’ve fixed the car.

Please can I have a small hint? :slight_smile:


You found Ginger Spice?


Darn it, Helliwell!

I blame work for that one.


I actually didn´t know that was wrong! :laughing:

Is your work sometimes like some sort of language vampire that sucks out everything, not leaving enough for your private time?