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The 2018 what are we playing thread


I was referring more to the person than to my language breakdown, but yes that too :laughing:


October: Burly Men at Sea (a nice little point and click adventure with some interesting ideas. Note: Ron Gilbert, Jenn Sandercock and Robert Megone were involved).

October/November: Rime (third person adventure game with great story and wonderful graphics -despite highly demanding in terms of hardware).

I appreciated the fact that both games were quite shorter than the standards of the belonging sub-genres. Just what fitted my super-casual way of approaching!

2019: I will probably take a look at the new episode (n. 2) of Midnight Scenes from Octavi Navarro.


Just had a quick look at Rime, since I enjoyed the other two games you’ve referenced there. It looks quite nice - similar to Monument Valley maybe? The artwork is a lot like The Witness. What were the hardware issues?


I guess it is similar to The Witness, as for the third person exploration experience and graphical characterization, and there are also environmental puzzles like in Monument Valley (but I never played these two games, just watched briefly some videos of playthroughs). The other game I found similarities with, despite only in game mechanics, is Tomb Raider (I only played the very first chapter). It has to be said that I played mostly the old LucasArt games and some other old strategy titles, and I guess it is why I’m not able to find better references. :slightly_smiling_face:
As for the hardware issues: on my laptop assembled in 2013, equipped with a Intel I7 processor, 8 GB of RAM memory, and a GeForce GT 630 with 2 GB of memory, after having set the graphics to the lowest level possible and the resolution to a scale of 75% (a different option than changing the actual resolution, like switching to 1024x768 for example since that didn’t worked in a satisfactory way) well the frame rate still dropped to 5-6 frames per second in some places (when there’s a lot of depth of view). It is not that I don’t like stop motion tecnique :stuck_out_tongue:, but since you have to jump, run on narrow passages, solve puzzles in time or sometimes avoid enemies, you know, a fast responding control is important to have a non-frustrating game experience. Reading some reviews, I got to know the game was criticized for its bad graphical optimization. Anyway I liked the game and decided to play it the same, even with these limits.


Wow, thanks for the info, I’ll make a note not to play it on my 2011 Macbook then :laughing:


When I´m through with Space Quest 3 I´ll be having a Sierrabbatical.


I worked it out :slightly_smiling_face:

I love this music. It’s very calming. Reminds me of Twin Peaks.

I should’ve recorded it before the (in-game) TV was on, as you can hear that at the same time. But I can’t go back now, doh.


Ahhhhhhh :relaxed:


:relieved: :sleeping:


:open_mouth: :loudspeaker::warning:


:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :open_mouth: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


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:kissing_smiling_eyes: :notes:

(no innocent whistling smiley, really discourse?)


What game was that again?


Unforeseen Incidents :slight_smile:


Can you look at the shared gun and bow rack? I wonder what it says about that! :smile:


Sorry, I read your request only now. :worried:

Have you read the newspaper already?


No worries! :smiley:

Yeah I read the newspapers and phoned the numbers, but in the end it was just a case of going through all the dialogue options from phoning the guest book people. I probably missed something somewhere, haha.


I’ll have a look next time I play :slightly_smiling_face:


Just started Resident Evil 4 because it´s supposed to be so good an all. Never thought I´d say that but I kinda want to have my fixed camera angels back, this is confusing. I also prefer the earlier games (and 7 the latest one) that were more about solving puzzles and less about shooting. But it looks nice, so we´ll see.

I´ll divide my time between this and the adventures of Roger Wilco with Captain Funkloch and Katbot, now.