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The 2018 what are we playing thread




The music (available on Steam but not GOG) is nice and the backgrounds look good. How about the game? I haven’t had enough time yet and was on the fence as well, due to that it sounded rather stereotypical.


I really like it so far. Yeah I guess some of the story is a little typical but the gameplay is pretty solid. The humour and characterisation is good too - quite deadpan - so it doesn’t feel typical in that sense. The puzzles are mostly logical (I only got really stuck once so far). They’re mostly ‘use x with y’ but there have been some visual puzzles and one timed event too, to mix it up.

It’s just opened up a lot now I’m on the second chapter so I think it will get more difficult.

For the price I think it’s pretty good.


Okay, thanks.


Red Dead Redemption 2 could have been a great game if they would have put a little more effort into it…
Like these guys did: :laughing:

Seriously, this is some crazy shit!

The Town With No Name (CDTV)


I just watched it. Has to be the greatest “non-game” since at least Big Riggs! :laughing:


Hey you can actually lose!

What do you think, did they really include themselves in that “game” or are those pictures of their worst enemies?

Also: Poor :spider:


Good developers? I think we´d know those! I actually had the thought with the “pictures of themselves” before he even said it.

But when I saw the picture in the thumbnail my first thought was it was a self portrait of Mike Mattei done in Mario Paint.


Yeah it looks quite similar. That must have been the development tool of their choice!
The character animations (lip-sync) was something too…

I thought the 3D animations didn’t look that bad for the time. But overall those incoherent art styles made it look quite horrible.


Heheh, I’ve seen a review for this game before! My fave line is this one :laughing:


I own the game. With a CDTV. :wink:


Ooooo, how many interesting-flavoured crisps packets is that worth??? :grinning:


The game or the CDTV? Both together I would guess round about 600 packets. :wink:


Ok, I’ll ask my local Tesco to redirect their next truck to your house :wink:


The Town with no name and a CDTV: 600 packets of interesting-flavoured crisps.

One @tasse-tee in a shopping bag*: priceless!

*no one´s gonna get this one! :grin:


You must be kidding!
Was there a German version of this masterpiece?

According to Mobygames there also was a DOS version!

Amiga Joker (Feb, 1992) gave it 52 points out of 100

“Hört sich langweilig an? Ist es aber (zumindest anfänglich) nicht, denn im Gegensatz zur Killer-Hatz gibt‘s hier keine verschwommenen Digi-Bilder sondern astrein animierte Polygon-Grafik à la „Another World“. Egal, ob ein Geier im Sturzflug den Duellkontrahenten kampfunfähig macht oder man vom Pferd haushoch aus der Scheune getreten wird, ständig nimmt sich das Game selbst auf die Schippe, ständig gibt es etwas zu lachen. Dazu kommen knackige FX, stimmungsvolle Musikstücke, englische Sprachausgabe und eine tadellose Pad-Steuerung. Tja, wäre das Gameplay nicht gar so beschränkt, aus dieser Scheibe hätte ein Hit werden können!”


Would you rather play that, or Law of the West for C64? :cowboy_hat_face:



No. I still have a CDTV here. And I have The Town With No Name somewhere. (I can’t remember where I got it from - must have been part of an ebay auction AFAIR.)

Good question. I don’t think so. AFAIR my version is the English one.

I own that game too, btw. :wink:


I hope you are still enjoying Unforeseen Incidents. Have you continued to play it during the recent days?


Yeah I’m still enjoying it, thanks :slight_smile: I’ve had a few distractions but intend to get back to it later today! I’m on the second chapter now and it’s now hugely opened up. The humour’s great, heheh.