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The 2018 what are we playing thread


I’m glad to read this! :slight_smile:


Since I don´t think I´ll get in any more games to complete this year, I´m trying to make a complete as possible list of the games I played this year.

Sorted by finished(subcategorised by platform) and not finished.



Darkside Detective Season Finale
The Librarian
Midnight Scenes 2: The Goodbye Note
Wolfenstein 3D
Utlimate Doom
Space Quest 1
Space Quest 2
Space Quest 3


Resident Evil 7
The Evil Within 2
Axiom Verge
Retro City Rampage
Resident Evil Remaster
Doom 2016
Mortal Kombat XL
Arcade Archives Haunted Castle
Arcade Archives Contra
Arcade Archives Double Dragon
Another World
GTA Vice City
No Man´s Sky
various Sega games in the PS4 Sega collection (Sonic, Shinobi, Streets Of Rage, Golden Axe etc.)
Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon
Layers Of Fear
Among The Sleep
Amnesia Collection
Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night
Until Dawn
Call Of Cthulhu
Red Dead Redemption 2
Resident Evil 4


Resident Evil 7
Here They Lie
Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood
Skyrim VR
The Inpatient
& various short Demos

NES Classic Mini:


SNES Classic Mini:

Castlevania IV

Not finished:

Slain: Back From Hell (PS4)
Slender: The Arrival (PC)
Castlevana Rondo Of Blood (PS4)


That’s an impressively long list!



Loving the references too!

I knew it was only a matter of time :smile:


Found a Mulder gif that fits perfectly to those two replies. My day is made!


Haha, perfect :grin:


Today I payed Foxtail. I’m not really sure how much more is supposed to come. It was quite charming with excellent graphics, but there was rather a lot of backtracking to see if anything changed (as opposed to see if you missed anything).

It’s eye-candy and relaxing, with an excellent diary, and some of the puzzles that depended on reading the books were nice.

It could become great, or it could end up mediocre. But it’s definitely promising.

Edit: reading through this thread shows that actually the game isn’t half bad as far as alternative solutions go, and in some cases I did it the “hard” way (on purpose with the raspberries), although that doesn’t change what I said about backtracking.

Apparently you could also get rid of the cat with a fish, while I used a pie.


With all the hubbub around Unforeseen Incidents I decided to get it. Based on some 10 minutes of playtime:

  1. No keyboard controls for the dialog options. I neglected to mention this in Foxtail. This malpractice is oddly common.
  2. It might need some of those Resident Evil door opening animation loading screens, at least on my laptop. :wink:
  3. It looks nice.
  4. The protagonist has never played an adventure game before. :slight_smile:


I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did.

It takes a little bit of time to get into the game (you need to adjust to minor quirks [inventory, lack of walk-to/look-at …]) but then it opens the fun gate so widely and at least from chapter 2 on you’re sailing (with the wind). I also felt a constant need to make screenshots, dunno, how many I’ve made. Sometimes it’s just great standing in a scene and enjoying the atmosphere. Beware of the orange (chapter 3), there is one bug which can lead into a dead end (reload a previous state if needed). Apart from this and maybe two glitches with walking areas I had zero crashes. The game could benefit from a minor update, fixing a few little things, but it’s nothing dramatic, which might have an influence on the fun you can get out of the game.


It was slow to load screens for me too, on a pretty powerful desktop. That’s the one niggle I’ve got with it so far.


What kind of screens do you mean? Loading normal scenes?

It was all smooth and fast on my MacBook. Do you use a SSD? The only performance related note I have, is the typical performance hunger Unity games show, when the engine isn’t used in an optimized way and/or it needs to power games which aren’t supposed to run best on such a multi purpose engine due to the overhead.


Yeah, for example when I go to a different place on the map. It just hangs on a black screen for ages.

Yep, using an SSD. Maybe it’s because it’s a a Unity game then (though I’m sure others I’ve played have been fine).


Dunno, it comes down to the exact specs (SSD ≠ SSD but maybe it’s the CPU then). Looking at the structure of the game, it’s split in about 70 scenes with all the level structure and data (load, decrunch, setup …, an average scene seems to be about 53MB). Depending on the scene, it mostly takes about 1-2 secs here, which is okay if you think about what you’re doing and teleport anyway, it’s done with the Adventure Creator, certainly less tailored than Ron’s dedicated engine too.

Maybe it’s just because the game likes me more than it does like you, or I was too slow, so it tried its best to help me out and get back to sleep again.


There’s actually a topic about it here.

I might check it on my desktop later tonight.

Edit: a second or less on my desktop in Linux. I’ll also check my desktop in Windows another day.

Edit 2: Oddly enough, the game seems to run less well in Windows. Loading times are more variable at 1-3 seconds and never near-instantaneous. I wasn’t really expecting a difference, or at least not such a pronounced one.

Edit 3: I installed it on my laptop in Linux for good measure, and I think the rooms load faster there too. Up to a max of about 6 seconds, more typically 4, whereas on Windows it’s something like 5/6 and can go up to 8. However, it seems that in Linux the game has the occasional odd framedrop on my laptop while on Windows it’s smooth, so the experience is better on Windows.

Clearly CPU speed is the primary factor, but still whoa.


Sometimes a platform is faster than others due to a different architecture, implementation or bugs of the os/drivers/middleware. If I remember things correctly, on the Mac the game was also based on an older Unity version. In the meantime some issues might have been fixed (also with the SceneManager, and others introduced). You would need to look into it.

But the real question is: Do you enjoy the game?


Of course, but this type of software is generally optimized the most for Windows, even fairly well-done ports like RotTR. (Although I don’t think anyone ever seems to benchmark game loading speeds.) Unity stuff is perhaps more or less coincidentally also optimized for Mac because without one you can’t do simultaneous iOS development.

I’m guessing we’re seeing some combination of better thread scheduling, superior disk I/O, and memory management in action here (all of which are known to be better in Linux). But I’m not used to noticing those things while playing a game, only while compiling a piece of software or something. Maybe RotTR loads much faster in Linux, for instance, but since it takes an eternity anyway you don’t really notice if it’s, say, 30 or 40 seconds. (Not real values.)

Similarly, most games that look visually similar to Unforeseen Incidents load so quickly that it’s certainly possible it loaded twice as fast in one OS or the other, but since it’s all more or less instantaneous you barely notice it either.

I definitely enjoyed the couple of hours I played it on Tuesday and Wednesday, yes. It reminds me a lot of Dreamfall so far.


Yep, but iOS ≠ macOS and there always have been differences in Unity (as well as in similar tools), depending on which feature on which platform you use. Yikes, my os needs less than half the time of this to boot.

I wonder what ‘loading times’ Kate was talking about.

Hmm, I think it felt unique but it also referred to games like Deponia, Firewatch, Puzzle Agent and certainly Broken Sword. Which chapter are you in right now?


That it takes a relatively long time to go from room to room? I thought that was well established. :slight_smile:

Still 1 I think? Like I said, I haven’t spent that much time with it yet. Last night I read a short story.

I still have to finish my suit, but I imagine I’m close to “chapter two”. No hints necessary, I haven’t really looked into it yet.

[Edited to reflect edit to quoted post.]


Yeah but how many seconds.

Spoiler tag yours, I did mine.