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What a coincidence! I was born in ‘85 too!


Oh wait… that actually is @guga ‘s birth year.
What a koinkidence!


I used to think I was the youngest here by a long shot (with most people being around the age of @ZakPhoenixMcKracken, @ema and @yrface ). Turns out that is not true!


Did you know that if you subtract your age from 2018 you get roughly your birth year? It’s magic!

According to my new max heart rate, however, I’m only 30.


What?! I’m much much, much younger than @ZakPhoenixMcKracken!!


And did you know you are twice as old as any person when they are the age you were when they were born even if you both were born in the same year?:scream:


Not if you are eight years @Guga s senior like he said iirc.


Too much mirto. I can’t follow you.
I just know in a bunch of weeks I’ll be twice as old as my mental age.


Well, that ‘85 was a joke, obviously!
I am 85 in reality. :wink:


That happened to me when I was eight years old… :crazy_face:

Mirto…Meelamoo…Moomoo…I´m getting more Nicknames in this place that I ever got in school!


No… too much mirto… I drank too much mirto.


For a second there you were only half as creppy towards @tasse-tee…now you doubled it! :open_mouth:


Wouldn´t have been the first time someone named me after a wine.


But I am not 1900-something years old.
Maths is really hard …

If you add the numbers in your birth year, add your age (or what you’ll become this year) and subtract 20, minus the age you were in 2000… you’ll get a random number!


I’m sure @tasse-tee likes a double stack of crêpes…




That´s not random that´s eerie!

Eh…I´m not quite sure…but I think that means something…!


Ok, so 1984 + (x - 18) + 20 - x = … [Maths.exe has stopped working, error code CBA]

It’s not the number of crepes that matters, but how sweet they are!
Or something, I dunno :rofl:


Or you know…you could also just ask! :smile:

That´s what they will try telling you. RUN!!! :grimacing:


But it is a pseudo-random number generator - isn’t it? :thinking:

And again the people of the Sekrit Tester Alliance did it! They have found a method to disable the laws of mathematics!

So to sum up: I’m the oldest member of this forum with the brain and the look of a 12 year old boy …


That’s not eerie, that’s miscalculated! :joy:
Assuming you are born in 1984…
= 20