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The exact same happened to us :smiley: my wife is the one that organizes everything, she called on the first eligible day and they told her “it’s two months before the reservation date, not the arrival date”, so she had to wait and call again in a couple of days. She had to wait almost an hour on the Italian queue, got fed up, called the French queue and got in quicker :smiley:


:laughing: I’ve been gritting my teeth but after that one :arrow_up: I was just about to say something. Politeness prevails no more!


After a month, :iran: again.

I stopped jogging at work because it’s (usually) too hot to run at the lunch break, and I’m too tired to run early in the morning, so I thought my legs could use a bit of pause. I wanted to run again after my vacation next week, but my body was asking me to move: I had tachycardia, nervous tics and shortness of breath. So today evening I decided to put on my shoes and go for a jog.

It’s the first time :iran: from my apartment. The city I live in is on a hill, so there’s no flat path from my home unless I run 100 laps on my building’s yard. I tried to squeeze 5k in a town whose area is less than one square kilometer, so I ended up basically running on every road of my town, but it was all uphill and downhill, uphill and downhill. It was hard. My heart was doing its impression of Ransome, insulting me at every step. But in the end, it felt GREAT. My pace was horrible, my legs hurt (@milanfahrnholz), but I finally feel good again for the first time in a month.


Nope, although I suppose it depends on your definition of “running” :wink: Been training since late March for a 5K in October, so I’ve been in the gym 3 days a week since then. Though I’m questioning my ability to do this, as it seems my muscles, joints, and stamina are all seeming to refuse to improve. :cry:


Take it easy on those joints and muscles! 3 times a week is already a lot. I’m sure you’ll reach the 5K. I have done the build-up to 5K a couple of times in the last years. The first two times I failed to reach the end. I found that doubling the program helped (slower build-up to longer running). And now I try to run 5K at least once a week. Not enough to go for 10K, but it’s something at least.

You can do it! But don’t force it! Speed comes with condition, not the other way around.


Yes I’m still running. Training for 10km right now!
Well… not right now :wink:


I had a month of pause and I’m starting now from 5k. However I became much slower :frowning: having troubles to complete 5k in 27’30’’ while a couple of months ago my time was around 23’30’’. It’s depressing.
The biggest problem is that it’s too hot to run at lunch time, and I’m not regular anymore.

However… I have a new heart rate monitor :smiley: it’s a nice gadget. Starting tomorrow I’ll begin a training program for a half marathon, goal is a 21km run in Milan on November 25. Even if I don’t know if I can enroll, since that week is my daughter’s birthday


Just finished my 5km interval run (in 30’).
Before 8AM is the only time temperatures are bearable.


Same here. Either at dawn or late in the evening, but usually in the evening I’m too tired. But I really dislike running at dawn.

My first step in the program was “25 minutes in heart rate zone 3”… which I could keep only by going extremely slow. I never thought running slow and avoiding to make my heart go faster than needed was that difficult. At the end of the routine I was mentally tired.


Well, it turns out that I need to better tune my heart zones. Yesterday I had to run for 30 minutes in “zone 2”… which I could keep only by walking. Whenever I did a little bit of jog, no matter how slow, I was already in zone 3. And it was painful for my knees.

I came back home and googled “can’t run in zone 2”, and it seems like it’s a very common problem. The default heart rate zones are usually awful. The max heart rate is just 220bpm-age, but that’s a ballpark estimation. Zone 2 should be the heart rate during a light jog, not a normal walk. So… well, I’ll have to make some tests to find my correct values and get back to training again.


To fine-tune your zones, it’s useful to know your actual maximum heart rate. There are various suggestions online for how to figure it out. Basically you exercise really hard:)



I tried the teat suggested by Polar… and it came out 187, which is exactly 220 minus my age.

However today I ran :iran: just for fun, trying to go as hard as I could on a 5k, and my heart reached 190bpm. So… I suppose I can raise it to 190.


I think this goat milking might be getting into your head.


What the… :joy: I corrected it like three times and it still managed to write “teat” instead of “test”


It´s like a test…a test to the teat!


So you are 37?

(I suck at math)

Are TWP players young and where are the older players?

I haven’t been jogging too much lately (well, I did 4.5 and 6 km last week) because of the heat where we’re staying.
But I compensate with hikes of 10 to 15 km a day with 300m height gain/loss.
Man, holidays can be tiresome!



I haven’t watched it yet, but I think it will be similar to this one… (35/7=14, starts at 2:00)


Exactly I am one year younger so that makes me 58!