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11.5k today in 1:07:something. However I had some pain on my left knee, so the last 1.5k were alternated with walking.
These pains are becoming more frequent. I suspect my shoes aren’t suited for me, at least not when I’m running a long distance slowly.


Can you try to run barefoot? (That’s a good method to see if the shoes are the problem.)


My usual jogging route is in the woods, the path is full of rocks :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll try when I get to a running track.

Maybe tomorrow I can try to do a short slow jog with my walking shoes, just to see if it feels different


Shoes are always the problem unless they’re as minimal as possible. Imho.

You’ve got indoor soccer shoes, traditional “track” running shoes ('50s style, not modern style), your bunch of modern minimalist shoes and things like running sandals that are okay.

Shoes. :face_vomiting:

The original Merrell Trail Glove was pretty decent. There’s now a fourth version apparently.

Then of course there’s the Xeroshoes take on that concept. :wink:


Now that’s… interesting.

If you want to be sure the shoes are the problem try running with something like this:


Aw come on, it deserves a chuckle! :slight_smile:


Doesn’t athletes train with such things? :thinking:


It does, but I am still not sure what’s their purpose.

On the page it says “foam rubber in the sole for maximum cushioning support”.
But also “If you step on a pea, you’ll really feel it”.


The hint to that is in the URL
and the last line in the text
"will be available online April 1 "


By the way, it looks like Xero Shoes also came out with a more direct competitor to the Merrell Trail Glove.


10km in 53”


Wow, impressive.

Are you like this guy? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am. That’s the very reason why I run :stuck_out_tongue: I want to be able not to worry about what or how much I eat.

53 seconds? Whoa, you’re fast.

Today I opted for a short run, trying to beat my 5k record (which is 23’58’’), but after 3k I didn’t feel good in my knee again and I thought it’s better to preserve it and I stopped. I did 3k in 14’21’’ which would have brought me to close the 5k in 23’55’’, but I know I would have accelerated in the last kilometer :frowning: so, a wasted good chance. Maybe next time.

I’ll go for short jogs and long walks this week to let my knee recover. And I’ll look for new shoes.


No, 10 km in 53 inches! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, if Han Solo is capable of doing the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsec I suppose you too can use a measure of distance as a substitute of time! :smiley:


You shouldn’t think that way. :slight_smile: What is your record for 3k?


Although that “error” has been corrected (kind of, not really) in the Solo movie.


That movie was dumb but fun. Not a good movie by any stretch but I enjoyed it a whole lot more than Rogue One.


41 unread replies… I’ll come back to this one…


5km in 23’56” today
(I also beat my personal fastest 1km and 1 mile records - couldn’t care less)
That’s it. I am never going to beat that.

The only reason I ran so fast is I had to be somewhere, so I only had 25 minutes. During the run I was doubting between running faster and taking a shortcut.