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Yeah, but were they 10 kms? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good time :slight_smile: I did 58’ last time, I’m really really behind my usual times and having a hard time getting there.


Today :iran: 12K in 1:10:45 :slight_smile: I figured that if I can’t go for speed, I can go for distance.

I also lost a kilo. Other three to go!


Because you said several times that you would like to lose weight: Can you “see” each kilo at your body? I know some people who can gain weight and you don’t see that (until a certain point :slight_smile: ). So it doesn’t matter if they weight for example 70 or 73 kilos. :slight_smile:


I can’t “see kilos” but I can “see the trend”. If I’m putting on weight, it begins with my face. Cheeks and chin become rounder and I can clearly notice. The same happens if I’m losing weight.

So I might weigh 73 kilos, but I look slimmer if I was 75 and chubbier if I was 71 :stuck_out_tongue: but now my goal is to lose weight because the less you weigh the easier it becomes to run fast. Since I had my records when I was between 69 and 70, I want to get back to that range to compare my performance :smiley:


That´s funny. For some reason my face is the very last thing that is affected.

But I found out for me there are only two options. Overweight and underweight.

When overweight people instantly tell you like it´s the funniest thing and treat you like you were a lazy decadent sloth.

When I was underweight everyone who saw me asked me if I was sick.

If I would worry about my appearence at this point I´d never stop to worrying because there is so much I cannot change, it wouldn´t make any sense.

Maybe I´ll try some astral traveling, but I´m not there yet.


5K in 24’54”
I can RIP now!


So you will never run again and eat everything you like? :smiley:


I already eat everything I like. :slight_smile:


I wonder how much I weigh… hopefully closer to 80 than 70. :stuck_out_tongue:


:telephone_receiver: Hello, this is the Thimbleweed Park Forum Tech Support. You asked a question we cannot help you with, how about you try it with the scale that is probably in your bathroom?


We did buy an el cheapo model from Lidl a few years back but the battery’s dead. :slight_smile:

Anyway, obviously I don’t actually wonder. I was trying to signal my opinion about the stupidity of the concept.


Oh yeah, there are scales that you could actually mistake for floormats.


Has 4K TV, uses Linux, assembles his own keyboards, runs games in Wine and other kinds of geeky computer stuff,… but can’t replace a *beeping* battery!

Scales are like (wrist)watches…you don’t really need them.


I still have a Wii Fit balance board that I only use as a scale. It’s nice for the kids so I can track their progress.

Probably not the most accurate measurements in the world but it works for me.


No, idea why you would put a “but” there. Personally I´d use a “so”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Are you implying you want it to skew lower so you feel better about your weight? :thinking:
I’m one of those annoying people that can’t keep weight on (but I don’t speak in kilos).



In lbs?


Right now I’m around 135, which is probably the most I’ve ever been. Whenever I get really stressed with work and start skipping lunch and stuff it all goes downhill.

But enough about me…



My wife and I used a WiiFit board as a scale for years :smiley: we then bought an actual scale because “heh, it’s probably time we have a better measurement” and found out the Balance Board was extremely accurate.

Or our scale was awful. Point is, they always gave us the same result.


“Run fo fun? What the hell kinda fun is that?”
My thoughts exactly! I don’t really like running.

Plus :clap: :clap: for inserting a Back to the Future reference!!