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Wow, that’s exactly my personal best.

I’m still struggling with knee pain, which is unfortunately (or fortunately, it depends) independent of the shoes. So I’ll wait another week and let’s see.


Sounds like you should consult a doctor?


Not before 2019. My health insurance will then cover that :stuck_out_tongue:


After two weeks of full rest I tried running again.

It didn’t turn out well. One km in, and the pain came back, stronger than ever.

But… it occurred to me that this counts as injury, so it will be paid by my employer’s insurance. So it’s time to call the doctor.


When does it count as an injury? If it constantly hurts? Or does it have to be painful? (Here in Germany we can just consult a doctor if we think that something is wrong.)


In Switzerland it’s considered injury and not illness if the problem stems directly from a trauma.

You pass out because of low blood pressure? Illness.
You ski, fall and break your leg? Injury.
You ski, fall because you pass out from low blood pressure and break your leg? Illness.


Same here, no difference.

In this particular case I´d wait a few days if it gets better (injury) or worse(possible illness).


10km in 51’28”
This is ridiculous. I do not want to set personal records…


Whoa, that’s great.

I’ll begin physiotherapy soon (I hope they’ll answer my mail today) and have an ultrasound in a couple of weeks. I probably have a strained ligament.

So, no more running for a long time. This is seriously affecting my mood. Then in 2019 I’ll train again for the half marathon in Lugano :slight_smile:


Whoa, they answered now. I’m psychic!


Can’t you switch to another sport that don’t affect your leg(s)?


I could, but it’s a matter of lack of time. I jog because 1) it’s free 2) it can be done anywhere, anytime. So I usually jog either before work or during the lunch break, when I wouldn’t be spending time with my family anyway. There is a fitness room in my building, which is free to use, but I couldn’t during those times. There is a gym where I work, but it’s not free to use. So… :smiley:


Sit-ups for example too. :slight_smile:


So, yesterday I had my first physical therapy session.

It was a bad idea to record Ransome lines before going there. It hurt like hell and I was already in a pretty swearing mood, I had troubles resisting the urge to submerge the therapist with insults :laughing:



I ran 10km in 50’30" !


But did you jump the ring?


Of course I did! And I had the strangest trip afterwards.


Well, now you’re officially faster than me.

I had my ultrasound today, everything seems fine, so now either I go for an MRI or wait and see what happens.

Either way, no more jogging for 2018 :frowning:


Oh I see, that’s why the new avatar?