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Sorry to hear that! Get well soon!


Yes… although it is temporarily.
So let’s just paste it here for reference and then switch back to the real Sushi


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Tl;dr : Around 12km per hour?


Yesterday I went for a walk at lunchtime. It was the first time since the injury. Slow walk, all in all around 5km, my leg was very tired but not in pain. I had some unease around the knee while lying in bed hours later but that’s it. It’s a good sign, I think. I’ll try again next week, depending on the weather.


I ran 5km in 23’45" today - a new personal record

again, because I had little time to run.


You do your personal record again, a friend of mine sends me a recap of his spontaneous half marathon, and I’m here, sitting and eating like there’s no tomorrow :frowning: it’s going to be a long 2019.


And it’s not even Christmas yet!


You are not alone, my friend. You are not alone! And what if there is no tomorrow?

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“Let the pessimism win!” :wink:

I found myself remembering that motto of yours some times recently. It has some logic and effectiveness afterall.

As we say here: “The right is given to the fools” (in a dispute, to make it end).


I finally have an appointment for an MRI.

However, the doctor had on his desk a printed sheet with written on it “running is the worst way of staying in shape”.

But I don’t do it to stay in shape, I do it for stress relief and fun, so I’m safe :stuck_out_tongue:

He also had a “most interesting man in the world” meme printed on another sheet, but I couldn’t read it.


I want one! I want one!!!

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IMHO it’s far, far worse for “getting in shape”:
Overweight, no muscles and joints not ready for all the stress… sounds bad.

Now thinking about it: Maybe it’s just the translation.
Or maybe “staying in shape” is just a nicer way (i.e. self-deception) of saying “getting in shape”?


Ah. A few centimeters of fresh snow and still snowing. Great weather for running - and mystifying your kids.



I ran 10km in less than 50 minutes today!
That’s it. I’m done. Move along.



Yesterday a friend of mine sent me a snapshot of his first run in the new town, now I read this. And I’m still injured (despite doing better, I still can’t run). It’s really being hard on my psyche.


If you´re not competing, means you can´t lose. :sunglasses:

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Hey Guga, I didn’t mean to put you down!
:crossed_fingers: you’ll be running again soon!

It’s not a matter of competing either. Except against yourself perhaps.

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Or you could say, you lose all the competitions you don’t take part to :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, because I know that