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5k in 31 minutes today. Though I forgot to put on my gloves and it was freezing :snowflake:


Well done!

It’s snowing here today, so even with gloves I’m not going out in this. Maybe tomorrow!


Sounds like an excellent epitaph for the procrastinator who wouldn’t see his doctor after drinking that suspiciously looking grog. (Insert MI2 imagery here)


Really? I love running when it’s snowing. Maybe it’s because I grew up in southern Italy and I saw snow only once in 26 years of life, but every time it snows (especially if it’s with those big flakes that fall slowly) I go out and run with the biggest smile on my face.

Tomorrow I’ll try to run 6k in 30 minutes. I want to get back to 30k per week as soon as possible, since I’ll probably be anticipating my half marathon for… family reasons. The half marathon where I live is on the 27th of May, and my wife was planning a family trip to Disneyland on that day :stuck_out_tongue: so I’ll see if I can run it on the 6th of May in Piacenza or on the 12th near Luzern.


Aaaand… nope. On Monday my phone died before I could run, and I ran “blindly”, I suppose around 4.5k but I have no idea about my time.

Today my GPS tracker decided to turn itself on after half a kilometer, and without the initial feedback, I started too fast and burned out quite quickly. In the end I ran 6.5k in 33 minutes, so it’s just slightly slower than I wanted, but I’m not satisfied at all.

On Friday I’ll reach my goal :angry:


Oh dear! Silly malfunctioning technology. I’m considering getting myself just a basic digital watch to time myself, and measuring my distance beforehand. I don’t like to carry anything remotely bulky. If someone could hurry up and mass-produce iris-sensor front doors that’d be great too, so I don’t have to keep my key in my shoe.

At least you made the effort and managed to do a good run though. Next time! :running_man:


How did we measure time and kilometers in the 90s and 80s? Back then we were totally lost… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pro tip: You can look on a map(*) how far you ran and you can consult a watch to measure your running time.

(*) AFAIR Google and OSM have nice distance functions if you won’t use a real (paper) map. :slight_smile:


I don’t have a watch. My only watch is my phone, which was turned off, so I don’t know my beginning time and my end time :stuck_out_tongue:

For what concerns distance, I said “around 4.5k” because it seems so on Google, but I didn’t spend time to correctly measure all the turns I made on a road that doesn’t exist according to them (so I can’t use their path following algorithm)


Forget exact numbers, important is what your body tells you…




What if my body tells me to go home and have a beer?


Then you should consult an exorcist …


Listen to him…er…her…uh…it!


Wow, this dude was hardcore. I wonder how many idiots decided to follow his steps after watching this movie.


I used to hate jogging / running for years. It was just not my kind of sport. Some month ago however, I found a nice app called Zombies, Run!. I started with their 5k Training (which is a separate app) and eventually switched to the full app after eight weeks. Since then I really enjoy running. So if anybody would like to start running and likes stories about Zombies, then you should give this app a try :slight_smile:


Took me 2.5 weeks more than expected, but I did it :slight_smile: today I ran 6k in 29:48. Next goal, 8k in 40 minutes! :smiley: :muscle:


I ran 5k in 27:20 last week and already thought that was fast (at least for restarting on New Year’s Day with only a single run per week).
Perhaps I should change my avatar in a turtle…


To be honest, I spent my whole running career with an average of 6’00’’ per km. Whenever I went a bit under 30 minutes for 5K I was happy.

Then last year, for some reason - maybe I trained better, more regularly, I don’t know - I began being faster and faster. So, even if now I’m regularly running around 5 minutes per km, I still think everything under 6 minutes is a very good time :smiley:


I think regularity and frequently running is the key indeed. I ran similar 28-29 minute 5K runs two years ago, 3x a week, and then I tried to beat the 26’ limit (and succeeded once). But in winter it is just more difficult to go for more than 1 run on Sundays. My ultimate goal is to either reach 25’ or build up to 10K. Probably I’ll need to do both (and the latter first).


So, I discovered today that every year there’s a running weekend in Disneyland Paris - this year from the 20th to the 23rd of September - with races inside the parks. A 5K on Friday, 10K on Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday. With Disney characters along the course. This is like the coolest thing ever.

However, to participate you need (of course) to book a stay for those days at the park, and I’m already going to Disneyland this year in May :frowning: if I knew… however, this is now my goal for 2019 :smiley: