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Incidentally, I hadn’t heard that one before I moved to Belgium.

At our elementary school there were these signs in and/or around the toilets (bathroom/restroom…) that said “handen wassen na het plassen.” Of course that was turned around at first sight. :wink:


Yeah, it’s a typical Flemish expression.


Haha… I thought our ‘spend a penny’ was funny. And ‘going to see a man about a horse’.

One I use quite a lot is ‘going to the tinkle-dinkle-haha room’ (thanks Simpsons!)


Like this one? :grin:


Alas. :woman_in_steamy_room:

I typed :tear (to end up with something like ;-; ) and I came up with… woman in steamy room.


Oh look, I found a whole list! :grinning:
I have a feeling that quite a few of these were made up by the person who wrote the list, but they’re very amusing all the same. “Point Percy at the Porcelain” :joy:


In Germany we use some of the too! :smiley:


What a strange name… :joy:


That reminds me of “shoot for the fly” (or something along those lines).

Parking my breakfast

Umm, what?


We also have one other funny expression for that in Belgium:
“I am going to check whether I am still a boy.”
(Used by males only-obviously)


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:




Now we are on this trending topic… (after all TWP has proven we get carried away with toilets and paper orientation) does anyone know why they call a toilet a “john”?


Hello? Anybody there?

Oh crap, they’re all off reading that long list of toilet expressions now…


That list is hilarious.

‘Backing the big brown motorhome out of the garage’ :joy:

I’m getting in trouble because I’m supposed to be going to sleep but keep laughing.



I want to know why! Do you know or are you asking us?


In Germany we have: “You shouldn’t stop a man if the brown chocolate car is honking…”


That’s very sensible.


No I don’t know. It’s not a setup for a joke.


Change water on the goldfish