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Happy anniversary @tasse-tee!

Just another month to go for me. :national_park:


I think you both should still be the latest regulars who´ve been constantly here for at least a year. While other regulars like LowLevel left ship after the first year.


Somebody is more carnal. Someone refers to an essence of a being. I think. What do I know… My mother tongue is mainly a language group of it’s own…

:ray: We’ve heard there’s some body found in the river by the trail.
Coroner: Who-a-whoo?
Sheriff: Someone-a-reno.

The difference is the same as between “everyone” and “everybody”.

Everyone’s a critic.

:musical_note: BS boy: Everybody rock your body.
B brother:Everybody needs somebody to love.
Freddie: Can anybody find me somebody to love?
:thinking: So what’s the difference between anybody or anyone?

Luckily this guy has the answer:
:musical_note: John Lennon: Help! I need somebody
Help! Not just anybody
Help! You know I need someone


Conclusion: Somebody has an extra syllable over someone and is generally more fitting for the metric of popular music. Someone is a good one to use if you have a longer sentence and not a lot of notes to spare when have already used triplet eights to fit in all of the lyrics.


What bothers me is that the Four None Blondes song where they sing “What´s Going On” all the time is actually called “What´s Up” for some reason.

Why is that? Because of Marvin Gaye?

Oh, sorry, I thought that was the end of your sentence. :joy:

Well there are other examples of titles that do not match the lyrics.

AC/DC : Rock ‘n’ Roll Train (title) <=> Runaway Train (lyrics) - in this case, it is because there was already a song called Runaway Train by Soul Asylum, so they just changed the title.
Queen : Bohemian Rhapsody <=> … it is not even IN the song!

That’s what I heard through the grapevine at least…


I wanna throw you from somewhere high now. But there ain´t no mountain high enough to do that…


Sorry - I’m on fire tonight… I’m hot just like an oven

Ohhh ohhh oohhh you´re on fire?
Hot for teacher?

That’s not a Marvin Gaye song…
what an anti-eruption!

Don’t stand so close to me. :scream:

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De doo doo doo De da da da?


Dang… I was gonna say that…

but my baby just cares for me

she’s a devil in disguise


I took the words right outta your mouth?

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It must have been while you were…erm… no… :smile:

Obla-di obla-da !

but she shook me all night long


let’s spend the night together!

You can go your own way!

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It’s just me, myself and I

Don´t think twice, it´s alright!