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Whoa, that’s really strange!

I assume these aren’t people who used to live in your current house? Maybe… uhh… they’re using a VPN or something to get access to the Italian versions of these sites from Brazil? And they picked your address at random so these sites let them sign up? :woman_shrugging: :sweat_smile:


I have a somewhat similar but nevertheless slightly less annoying issue. For a while people kept sending me mail meant for someone else.

Also I received a bill for some Microsoft service. I assumed it was just spam, but it has since kept returning every year and the servers and such seem to check out…


Uh-oh. Just think how high the bill might be by now, if we´re talking about years here! :scream:


I think it ended up being paid. I assume either they called the customer or the customer called them after being cut off.

I should just save some kind of canned reply for that kind of stuff I suppose, but if they keep doing it I can’t be bothered anymore after two or three times…


Google has a strange algorithm.

My cousin is a doctor and he only gets the best online ratings on google and whatever other platforms you look for him.

However someone left very negative two out of five star rating somewhere.
My cousin even went out of his way to debunk some of the factually wrong statements in that review himself (didn´t have a chance to ask him myself but I´m guessing the guy never replied to him) .

So far so good. However this review is not only still up, it is the first thing that comes up when you google my cousin! That gives an impression that isn´t only bad but flatout wrong because it totally doesn´t reflect all those other 5 star reviews he gets.

No idea what one would could do about that.


That is annoying! I’ve heard of things like that happening before with Google. Maybe he could contact them, but I doubt they’d do anything.

Is it the latest review (not including your cousin’s responses)? Maybe in (hopefully not too much) time it’ll get nudged down by better ones. And it’s likely most people would read more than one review to get a rounded opinion - then they’ll see it’s a one-off by some moany person or whatever.


It kinda seems to be stuck there for no obvious reason. I´m sure most reasonable people would look through more reviews first, but people also tend to get distracted by an obvious bad first impression.

I´ll be sure to bring it up next time I get to talk with him in any case. It´s just strange that google would work like that since they have no obvious agenda in doing so intentionally of course.


No, but their algorithms can behave strangely/counterproductively sometimes.

Hope it sorts itself out.


I wrecked a few springs in my mattress (but not the way I would like to have done it!) :angry:

And for some inexplicable reason my waterboiler keeps blowing my fuse! :rage:

I also was electric for a few minutes for no discernable reason. I couldn´t touch (this used to say teach, I know! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) my exhaust in the kitchen, because it hurt too much!

I thought I was turning into a comic book hero for a moment there.

Or a villain.

Probably a villain.

I also couldn´t write one correct sentence to save my life! :weary:


I don’t understand some of that but it sounds very stressful! It always seems that loads of house stuff falls apart at the same time (we have a leak in the bathroom, then our boiler started making a funny noise, then yesterday the towel holder fell on me while I was on the bog).

Edit: ohhh, like static you mean? I get ya now :slightly_smiling_face: and by exhaust I guess you mean the ignition bit (I don’t know what we call that here actually…)

Did you try cackling wildly?


The thing that sucks the steam out.

All the time.


Oh right! Yeah that makes more sense :flushed:

Then this is clearly Stage 2 of your transformation.


And I´m obviously having issues expressing myself (plus note all the typos that were bugging even ME).

And I also missed the change to say thank you for beeing sweet and understanding as always!


Turns out these two things were related. I hooked up the waterboiler to the same outlet as the kitchen hood. For some reason that didn´t blow the fuse but instead electrified the hood! :grimacing:

Unplugging it solved the problem but I´m not gonna use that boiler anymore!


Eek :grimacing: please be careful. If you suddenly go very quiet I’m going to worry!


No worries, I´ll make sure that you´ll be the first to know if my :heart: goes :boom:

I admit there is a flaw in that logic, but don´t worry anyway okay? :relieved:



How old is/was that boiler?


*jibber* Okay.

I know this is morbid, but I was thinking the other day if something happened to somebody on the forum (heaven forbid, obviously) we’d likely never know. Or at least not for a long time.

Hey look, a cute cat!


True. To avoid that we would have to pass on our passwords. And I don’t think we want to do that.


I’m not sure how that would help, though?

Edit: Oh you mean to family or friends so they could post on our behalf? They could just post as a guest, though.

I just meant that I don’t think that would be the first thing people think of.