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I’m meaning to write down the master password for my password safe, to preserve access to the digital side of my life, though I doubt that anyone would actually do anything with most of the accounts accumulated there.

Online services so far seem to have a shorter lifespan than I. Nowadays, whenever some website offers “lifetime subscriptions” I interpret that as “as long as the service exists” and not as long as I exist, and I do hope the TWP forum is no exception :slight_smile:.


Certainly not the first thing, but these days you have to think of that too I guess.


Someone used my credit card for 1400 euros :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I can explain that! Really!


I was going to write “I lost mine today” but my wife just wrote me she found it.

I hope you get refunded!


I absolutely hate customers and partners that don’t *beep*ing know how to file a bug report.

It’s not their fault, the problem is that the company should provide some kind of filter before such bug reports reach the developers. Because if you’re using expensive developer time to take a look at a bug report that makes no sense, you’re losing money.

The last bug I was working on said “the message Please wait pops up all the time and it’s difficult to work”. He attached a log file, 75 *beep*ing MB of text file. I search for the message: it popped up the staggering amount of FOUR times. All of which were after the user clicked on the search function. Which is the *beep*ing expected behavior!

Long story short, I spent 30 minutes of my day doing absolutely nothing. And the company wonders why we’re losing money.


Processes, processes, processes, people! :roll_eyes:


Isn’t there a customer service or something? Are your customers able to write the bug reports themselves into the bug tracker? If yes: I wonder that the customer was able to use the bug report system but wasn’t able to recognize that the search needs some time…

From the perspective of the customer it isn’t. The expected behavior is that he gets the results (instantly). Maybe you should/could change the message to “Please wait, I’m searching” or something similar (that states clear that the program is doing something)?

Hm … Or does the customer just complain about the long searching times? :thinking: (I’ve seen many times that people aren’t able to express what they would like to have. The standard question I receive is: “Problems with XYZ. Plz help.”)


Looks like the boiler problems are taking over Germany … :frowning:


Hopefully not as potentionally dangerous as mine?


Don’t know yet. It activates the circuit breaker at the moment.


:scream: Just like mine!


If I *beep*ing knew. Nobody understands anything anymore. I just hope I don’t get fired before I find another job.


Well, at least in Germany the companies are searching guys like you. (But of course I do understand that you would like to stay at your place. :slight_smile: )




Yeah, those people definitely help. Recently I saw an exchange that went something like this:

Customer: there’s an error in the online system.
Customer service: could you please specify which year and block? We have tens of thousands.

Unfortunately I still wasn’t able to find the problem, but the original report was a tad vague. :slight_smile:

Agreed. Something like “Searching. This might take a moment.” is much more informative than just “please wait.”

It could also be general slowness of some sort. Since they wrote “all the time” perhaps they truly perceive it as if the message were displayed a lot, even if technically it’s only a few times.

(Then again, I’d say the log file is merely something you attach because it should show the latest instance or two, hardly any and all occurrences.)


Can absolutely relate to that. My absolute favourite is when we get reports like:
We saw an error: “Hardware module X has fault Z” and now nothing works. Can you tell us what’s wrong. – Just because the software reports the issue, it’s not a software issue! Read the bloody error message!
Or. This and this happened at customer Y a while ago, here’s a month worth of logs. Can you take a look? – I’d rather search a needle in a haystack.

We’ve got a sign in our area that reads “logfiles or it didn’t happen”. More often than not, what people pretend to have witnessed is so far from what has really happened, that I’m glad I’m not a criminal inspector or some such. Nowadays we also mandate to get a timestamp with the logs.


Oh no!


You’d think with the actual band members involved in the movie they’d catch these details!
I’m still going to see it this weekend, trying to avoid the bad reviews until then.


Some of those are pretty glaring.

And actually the fact that they gave Freddie HIV two years early to make the Live Aid performance more significant pissses me off a bit. Still looking forward to it. I´ll be seeing it on tuesday.