The X-Files 2018

His what now?

Edit: ohhh, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man. Yeah that one was pretty good.

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Maybe I was instantly sold the first time I saw him because he reminded me of the Watergate scandal, which is an event that has always interested me from an historical point of view.

But I also think that the way the character suggests to know a giant amount of classified information played also a big role in my interest.

I have a Twitter account but I’m not exposed to any information related to movies or TV series. I only use Twitter to read my Adventure games list and I sometimes reply to game developers. The same goes for other social networks: I rarely read popular news.

You are not. I loved it.

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The fact is that women buy periodicals with news about famous women’s body, men are less interested in their famous counterpart (good to know). That’s all, law of supply and demand.

Yeah, that’s probably true. It’s just irritating that men usually get left alone in that regard. The tabloid stuff seeps into serious interviews and female actors end up defending trivial aspects of themselves instead of the work they’ve done. It’s all so devaluing. But I guess that’s the same with any tabloid gossip.

I think that article just infuriated me because it came along right when she was hitting another peak with Hannibal, The Fall, The X-Files. I just couldn’t believe they wrote it about such a high calibre actress. Really must’ve been a slow news day.

Not yet. I think that next week I’ll finally find the time in the evenings. :smile:

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I’ve seen this series referenced a couple of times now, per the quotes above. I had forgotten about this new series, and I’m glad to be reminded. I see I need to get Stars ($9/mo) to watch it, but I will definitely do that at least for long enough to catch up on the episodes released so far. I loved the book, so I’m hoping the series captures some of the same charm.

I really liked it - tantalisingly dark, and some fantastic cinematography. Look out for the big scene in the rain (about halfway through the series, I think).

I’ve not read the book. It’ll be interesting to see how close the series is to the story.

I forgot it’s not readily available without a subscription service. We watched it on Amazon Prime.

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Things that make me :smiley:

  1. It’s The X-Files
  2. It soooouuuunds like an adventure game
  3. It reminds me a little bit of the original PC game
  4. It’s The X-Files

Things that make me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • It’s releasing on Android, iOS and my favourite gaming platform, Facebook
  • No Mulder or Scully
  • The most original character name they could come up with for your partner is Agent Dale

So, it’s not The X-Files?

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Maybe it´s Millenium?

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Also there are so many other letters in the Alphabet, they should get more creative!
Like ‘The Y-Files’. Or ‘The ß-Files’.

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Could be the gender swapped version.

Did you know that this year we finally got what the whole world´s been asking for? the “capital ß”?

I didn’t know. I also didn’t know the world was asking for it. Are you sure this isn’t just a German thing trying to prevent writing ‘SS’?

Having learnt German in Switzerland, I couldn’t care less.


In what situation would you use a capital one? I didn’t think they occurred at the beginning of any words, as wouldn’t that be like starting with Ss?

Look at me, questioning your language.

Anyway, back OT, I think this game will be more like the B-movie Files, and not in a good way. But we all know I’ll buy it regardless. You could probably print their faces on an onion and I’d buy that.

The Swiss don’t care and continue to write it that way.

Typical Swiss ignorance! :joy:

To write the whole word in capitals. For example “Straße” (street) in capitals is currently with normal fonts “STRASSE”. With the new capital ß it would be possible to write it the normal way - “STRAẞE”. Did I already mention that the Swiss still don’t care? :joy:

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It is sausage to us


Me cojoni (=Good Heavens, interesting)

Don’t forget to tell that it literally translates to “you’re testicling me!”, where “to testicle someone” means “to bullshit someone, to try to fool someone”

Right, even if it wasn’t my intention to bullshit @Someone, nor to fool @Someone.
Sorry @Someone, hope this isn’t annoying you :kissing_smiling_eyes: