Thimbleweed Merch

OK, let’s see the things from another point of view: if you consider that 1 euro = 1.20 $, you have a 20% discount anyway, thanks to the currency conversion :slight_smile:

In my experience, it was the opposite. Parcels from China, if they arrive at the BGY international airport (BGY = Bergamo Orio al Serio), customs block is almost certain.
Unless the seller sends the package by following a complex route.
Items ordered from USA, via express couriers, have never been charged by customs fees.
Lucky? I don’t know. It’s just my experience.

wow, strange. I order sports equipment from China like 50 times in the last 8 years, and never had customs. I ordered from Amazon US like 5 times and almost always had customs.

This mostly has to do with people who ship not knowing how to fill out paperwork. One reason we went with Fangamer is they know how to do this. If you have any questions, drop them an email at They can answer any questions.


Quick question: When will the art book pdf be available for the backers?

Sorry I have to say this, but from my experiences this is not completely true. :wink:

At least for me they just offer two shipping methods: With DHL they just give the package to DHL. With this method you have to pay the duty when the package arrives. In some countries (like Germany) you may have luck that they “overlook” the package, but you can’t rely on that. The second shipping method is via UPS. You have to pay a lot more, but in this case UPS handles the duty for you.

In both cases Fangamer just fills out the necessary papers for the transport company but they don’t seem to know how the packages are handled by DHL or UPS. And they couldn’t answer my corresponding questions regarding the (handle of) the duty properly (they just stated that I have the choice between those two shipping methods and that I have to chose the correct one).

The shippments via DHL had the standard invoice as I knew it from a typical delivery. In my case Fangamer set all prices to 0, so the costs for the shippements were 0 Dollars and the products costs 0 Dollars. This is horrible because now I have to prove to the (German) duty what I’ve paid for the package. I have to print out the (e-mail) confirmation from Fangamer. Otherwise the (German) duty department is allowed to guess the value of the package contents. So if I don’t have luck (and the e-mail confirmation), I have to pay a higher duty as necessary. The latter problem is the case with the Kickstarter stuff because in the only confirmation e-mail I got, only the content of the package(s) is listed. So after having already “fun” with the duty and Fangamer packages, I’m really looking forward to the discussion with my duty officer(s) about my Kickstarter package(s). :slight_smile:

So yes, Fangamer knows how to send parcels to other countries, but they could improve this. :slight_smile:

Only cases I remember packages were held at customs was because a sender forgot to write his adress on the package.

On top of the usual duty stuff it´s really annoying because (I don´t know how it is in other places) but my local customs office is in a far off rather sleazly harbour area, that´s really hard to reach…yuk…

In my case all parcels from the US were held so far. Even the ones from our family.

Yes, similar situation here. I have to drive several miles/kilometers to the office. That’s another reason why I would appreciate if Fangamer could handle the duty and all other stuff.

Was this a backer reward? I never had such problems with direct orders from Fangamer shop.
I also don’t remember such issues with recent backer rewards I’ve received from them (note: the most recent shipments from Fangamer were actually sent from Germany!).

Is the pillow bear coming as a buyable merch item? Just saw this pillow bear / bear bag at the airport:

Yes, one parcel with the “0 price” was a backer reward. But it wasn’t a backer exclusive thing.

Nope. Got a message today that I have to go to the customs office. And there is another order underway that is shipped from the US too.

The last packages from Fangamer were one in May (mostly TWP merchandise) and the most recent one is the TWP poster (some days ago). They didn’t come directly from USA but had a return address in Germany. I think they came both via DHL.

Do you still have the invoice? The invoices I have state clearly that it is an export (“Reason for export …”), that the package was send by airmail and that the “City of Origin” is the US.

Yes, that’s the shipping company. Fangamer uses DHL in the US if you chose the standard shipping method. It is cheaper, so they used it for the Kickstarter stuff.

According to the note from DHL, my parcel at the customs office is also from Fangamer send via DHL. I assume that’s the Kickstarter stuff.

I order three items from fangamer:

  • 1x Thimbleweed Park Collector’s Game Box
  • 1x Thimbleweed Park Trading Cards
  • 1x Thimblecon ‘87 T-shirt’

The shipping to Austria costs $12.11 with DHL eCommerce Packet Plus.

That’s the standard where you have to pay the duty to your customs office after the parcel arrived in Austria.

I don’t remember any proper invoice at all. I just noted that those packages had return addresses in Germany and it even wasn’t apparent it came from Fangamer at all by looking at the sticker (well the poster tube has Fangamer written all over it :slight_smile:).

Until ~2016 all packages from them came directly from USA with proper customs declaration and all.

What happened?

I don’t know, it was just an observation. Maybe they ship a bunch of packages into EU first and then ship them individually?
(Although those shipping rates used by Fangamer which handle customs where actually from USPS and not from DHL)

Why not all EU related packages? :slight_smile:

I mentioned that above. :wink: If you order via DHL you have to pay the customs in your country after the shipping.

Yeah but what I am saying is that I haven’t payed customs and I can’t even pay if I’d like to, because those packages came from inside EU.

Let’s see how the next packages will come. I’m still waiting for TWP box and I’ve also ordered bunch of stuff like @thomas (DHL eCommerce Plus)