Thimbleweed Park Italian fan dub Project - Official Thread(TM)

You haven´t heard him try? :laughing:


No. :slight_smile:

I just remember I´m not sure anymore if he posted that publicly or not.

@ZakPhoenixMcKracken how about the “Penguin” soundclip? :wink:

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Don’t worry, I will make a HaoLinKinYao tea trailer :smiley:


Which (fun fact incoming) is the origin story of @tasse-tee. :grinning:




Awwww, you guys remembered :relaxed:


I obviously didn´t because I clearly remember asking you personally AFTER that post. :flushed:

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Well, I forgot that you forgot, so you don’t lose your brownie points. (This time. :wink: )

I´m not sure what that is, but I assume it´s something really good! :smiley:

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It’s a great little British phrase, meaning “things that put you in someone’s favour”. Or something like that.
You can also call it “getting in someone’s good books”.

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Oh I know that! :grin:

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Good ol’ Snake Plissken, sticking to his books.
He knows all those iPads and other shit won’t work soon…

It’s like beer points in HL!

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Yeah, like president tracking wristbands.
If only he could tell the annoying orange off :“President of what?” :grin:

Those guys remind me of the two Nazis in the 2014 Wolfenstein that leave a scene talking to each other in a thick austrian accent:“Gehma saufen!”

Is this the sequel to a 2009 game which happens to be called just Wolfenstein? (aaargghl, my pet peeve!)
Does it play in Austria or was it just meant to sound like generic Nazi-German?

No, it´s called “Wolfenstein: The New Order” and is mostly set in an alternative early 1960s where the Nazis have won the war with the help of super hypertechnological weapons (robot dogs, etc).

Absolutly sharing your pet peeve, endemic with current movie reboots especially!

great job guys! :wink:


@ZakPhoenixMcKracken are you taking care of the dubbing selection?

Yes, from 13 months. :fearful:

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Here’s a new “private” trailer :slight_smile: @ZakPhoenixMcKracken as Reyes and Alice (not my daughter) as Madame Morena.

Madame Morena is the definitive version. Zak’s quality is good for a first draft, but we’ll most probably do a retake with @Ema’s mic. If I managed to record all Ransome’s line in 5 hours, a weekend in full immersion will suffice :smiley: