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My fault, I was not clear in my exposition, but @Guga is using Audacity.


Audacity has a compressor too, but I didn’t take a look at it yet. Maybe this evening, if I’m not too tired.


Would Waves RVox be your recommendation for most recordings with voices?


It’s dead simple and gets job done for voices so yeah, I can recommend it. But I would really check out the stuff that is free and/or built in almost every Digital Audio Workstation out there, before buying anything. For example when I need to compress voice on the spot, I often use a very old, free plugin called Blockfish, that has very limited controls (a few more than RVox though). I noticed lots of people like it despite it’s age, so it has to be good. As for every VST plugin you need to put in a DAW to make it work (I think Audacity handles these).


Short update again.

We now have a 100% ready for use set of sentences for Leonard, Ricki Lee (4 out of 149 might need a re-dub, but still) and Virgil the ghost.

Cassie gave us a second recording which is almost perfect, but we want her to be even more DJ-like. As soon as we get the third recording we’ll choose the best lines from each. After that, she’ll get material for Sandy, since they’re voiced by the same actor in English we thought we can give it a try.

We’re now focusing on obtaining recordings from people “outside” the project (that is, non-forumers and not direct acquaintances of forumers) since they’re the bottleneck. We can do all editing and cutting by ourselves, but we can’t do all voices. Well, we could, but one would notice :frowning:


Don’t forget I sent you the full recording a week ago :wink:
I hope the multiple recordings will help you finding lines you can consider good!
Otherwise… let me know.


I was going to begin with Carney today :slight_smile: unless Cassie comes, then I’ll be working on Cassie since she has less lines and it takes less time.

From what I heard, the lines are good in both sound quality and acting, after I cut them I’ll tell you if some need to be repeated, but I suppose that, if so, it will be just a handful of sentences :smiley:


Thank you. Take your time. Let me know if you need a help or something. Audacity seems not that hard after all :stuck_out_tongue:


Current Status™ :


Uh-oh, if @Guga gives me what he promised, I might have some more reading to do today. :slight_smile:


Is that an older Audition version or has Adobe returned to the old UI?


It’s an older version, 3.0
I like that interface.


My primary job is to cut the file into smaller parts, giving a name each, according to the text ID.
The files have already been cleaned (background noise removing).
I created a macro that, starting from a selection area, it normalizes the volume to optimal values we have decided, and saves it into an .ogg file.
I have to give only the proper name.


Whatever that may be, make sure it´s some disgusting bodily fluid. It´s an old tradition!


Nothing of that sort. It’s something like REYES_12345


monster.sou is a body fluid? :thinking:

Well, that’s disgusting and a fluid at least:


What else should it be? I mean, it´s only one letter short of “monster soup”.


Busy day :frowning: you’ll have to wait until tomorrow


No problem. I have a hunch I might be kept busy dramatically reading stuff here in the future anyway. :sweat_smile:


Wow, there truly is a relevant pic for everything! :grin: