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Thimbleweed Park Italian fan dub Project - Official Thread(TM)


Oh, yes! You can even drink Reyes:


In case anyone is wondering. I recorded the german Boris a week or so ago.


Boris speaking Italian with a German accent?

I assume we aren’t allowed to hear the official lines yet, but can we hear him say something Boris-y? :smiley:


Nope, Boris speaking german…but with an accent. @someone would probably hate it.
The only person who heard it so far should be @guga.


Yes, even if I am in the dubbing team, I haven’t listent to your german Boris.

milanfahrnholz made an amazing thing: he dubbed the japanese character of Thimbleweed Park, speaking in italian.

A german, who speaks italian (with obvious german accent) but with a japanese accent! :clap:


Did I? I can’t remember. It was a busy week at work, I might have missed your updates :frowning:

People, come back!

I believe I sent you a PM last sunday.


I’m cutting my lines - I’m at around 200 now (out of 2500).

I just wanted to share with you a blooper.

The line is “You’re the crack whore they picked up and gave a makeover to at that store, Debbie Does Discount Dresses!”, in Italian “Sei la *bipputa* tossica che hanno raccattato e ritruccato in quel negozio di vestiti scontati.

We’ll surely do a bloopers reel in the end. Especially for Ricki Lee’s Svalvolodromo.


Where could Carney Joe dubber go on holidays this year? (Still wondering if the original voice actor used a particular accent, maybe @yrface or the British could tell…)

Just got back from Sicily, so naturally ventilated in its costal cities that I’m feeling the hot more now that I’m home, hundreds of miles north. During the returning trip on the ship we encountered a couple of dolphins jumping in the sea, some sea turtles and many seagulls in the harbour, a sea party!

Anyway, this week I’ll try to follow the suggestions from the dubbers friends and record some new lines for the sheriff… let’s see what happens. Nothing guaranteed for me, only the best for the roles!


Have you used the blue crystal?

I thought all records were done already? :thinking:


Hmm, I can’t tell what accent Carney Joe has.
Perhaps you could post some pics of Sicily in the travel thread! Hope you had a nice time :slight_smile:

Yeah, I thought that too.


Sounds clearly southern to me. Carnie Joe is a redneck methinks.



No, not yet.

I will. Yes it was a nice and nurturing experience. :slight_smile:

That’s great. Accent from Sicily then should be a very good “translation”. :grinning: Anyway the pals said it was the best among the tests, so it couldn’t be better. The important thing to me is that the original voice actor does not have a formal and polite american English sound, but some sort of accent.


Sorry, did we stated that? No, actually they aren’t.
Unluckily things slowed down for many reasons, but they’re not still.

At the moment, the biggest parts are ready. The 5 playable characters are done, with the exception of delores (we have an actress for her, she just has to record), and Franklin (who’s me, it’ll be redy in a couple of days. The secondary characters are ready with some exceptions: we are reconsidering the actors for Chuck and for Sheriff/coroner/hotelmanager, which are the most difficult parts of the game. That’s why we asked @gffp, who’s really clever.
Then we have to cover starshipman. And that’s pretty much it.
We have 3 fourths of the part of the postman, we’re waiting for the rest. We are still waiting for Willie, but the actor said it will be ready in a bunch of days.
And we’re waiting for @seguso, who promised a very good Doug.
All the rest is done. I don’t have precise numbers, but I think 80% of the game lines are recorded by now.


It sounds New Jersey to my ears. Like Tony in the Sopranos.


I had a look. We still have to record about 1,000 out of 15,196 lines.

So, actually, we have about 94% of the game recorded!!
That’s better than I thought.

Anyway, this number doesn’t take into account all the parts we want to retake, so maybe my first esteem of 80% is not so wrong.


Sounds like Jersey/Brooklyn to me.
Not too far off from the Mario Bros. Super Show accent. More of the vintage stereotype than how people actually sound these days.


But the perfectionist in me says we have to re-record about 12.000 lines :stuck_out_tongue:


So… total lines in the game: 15 thousand-some
Lines recorded according to Ema: 14 thousand-some
Lines to retake according to Guga: 12 thousands.

So, if the math is right:

Good lines according to Guga= 2 thousand-some

Ransome (Guga’s) lines: 2510.

I might know what’s going on, here…


You cannot make your mind up how to write numbers?