Thimbleweed Park Role-playing Game 🎲

Excuse me, do you know where we can get something to eat?

Maybe…care to help out a poor man, first? 5$ woluld be enough!

Unfortunately I haven’t enough money. What about you, Hazel?

I have a little. Here’s 5$ for you.

(I´ve updated the money in your purse for you)

“Ah thanks, that will be enough for some fine kombucha!”

“To answer your question, there would be the S&D Diner, just follow the street that goes from here and then take a left”

Suddenly the man falls asleep again and snores heavily.



Walk down the street.

Brian Hoskins starts walking down B Street leaving Hazel Wilson behind.

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Hazel, would you come along with me?

I hope that man is ok… all right, I’m coming.

You both walk down A Street past the Thimble Arcade, Rickie´s Cakes, Pete´s Pet Emporium and other business that are just about to close. To your right just behind a big garbage container you can see a building with red and blue neon lights and a flickering sign that says “S&D”. You are now standing at the southernmost part of A Street next to S & D Diner. There is a man dressed as a pizza to your left S&D Diner seems to be open.

Examine the man dressed as a pizza.

The man is dressed as a pizza and waves a flyer around. It seems however like he is soon about to go home for the night, the pile of flyers he carries is really small.

Hey there, could we have a flyer please?

“One flyer comming up for you!” He hands you one, packs his stuff, drops the remaining ones on the ground and leaves. To your surprise not only the flyer you got from him but also the pile of the others that are now lying on a ground is a blank piece of paper!

Examine the paper (for watermarks, very small words, etc.).

Is it time to roll a dice for “see hidden things”?


You see nothing. Do want to make a talent throw?

(good that Kate cannot see this :slight_smile: )

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Yes! The See Hidden Things talent (Base is always 20)?

@discobot roll 1d20

No, dice is also correct (according to my dictionary). Maybe you mean a CPU die (plural dice or dies)?

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:game_die: 4