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I guess so, but my girlfriend will kill me if she knows that I’m thinking of going to London two meet (two) Katies!


Let her travel with you! She could play TWP(*) while you are meeting the two Katies … :wink:

(*) Or go shopping in London …


Just tell them they won´t attend on their own(which is most likely true).


I’m considering it, but it depends on a few things at the moment.


If I will go or not? :upside_down_face:


Well yeah - I’m hoping your fish bowl would detract from my pulley :wink:


Use pulley with fishbowl


Better “use Sushi in fishbowl with cup of tea” first, to avoid another gruesome death.

Oh… wait… :flushed:


BTW I wasn´t talking about you when I mentioned company, consdering you should have your own.



‘Use rolling pin with fishbowl.’




I was reading the comments on the blog (still 3400 to go) and came across this related one…

I wonder, @Someone, did you ever pay that $2000 to Ron in the meantime? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It were only $1000 (or have I raised it somewhere…?). No, they are here but my offer is still valid. So if you have a reliable study, please tell. :slight_smile:


How about we all work together and carry out an investigation, present our findings to Ron, then split the winnings at the end? :wink:


That’s Ok for me as long as the results are meeting scientific standards. :slight_smile: (And I don’t have to transfer 1000 people one Dollar … :wink: )

(Not all have read the blog, so we maybe we should explain what we are talking about. It was a “dispute” between Ron and me: I said that the coin interface is more intuitive than the verb interface. Ron denied that and said it is the other way around. Then I promised Ron $1000 if a study proves that he is right.)

Favorite adventure game interface style

So, @tasse-tee, having played Sam and Max with their “coin” like interfaces and then TWP and Zak with the classic verb interface:
How long did either take to get used to / know how to play?
It is not about preference, just about difference. Is there one that takes longer to get used to?


I disagree with you, but I don’t know if it’s the coin interface per se or just the MI3 implementation of it.

What is more intuitive about the coin interface is that there are fewer actions tout court.

It’s hard to say really because you can only experience the first time once. But I always thought the MI3 interface was super complex compared to MI2 and MI4.


I was not referring to the MI3 implementation but the coin interface in general (the MI3 and Full Throttle implementation isn’t good due to several reasons). The coin interface is simpler and thus more intuitive: The player moves his pointer over the screen. As soon as he hovers over an object, he has just to click and then to select an action. This is much more intuitive than to click first on a verb and then on the object. Of course if you are familiar with both UI types then both are intuitive - and don’t forget that we know how to use the verb interface since the 80s (well, some of us :wink: ).

Maybe we should open up a new thread for this discussion (or switch to an existing one :wink: ).


Don’t back down now! It’s any coin interface (click object first, then action) va any verb interface (click verb first, then object(s))


For the sake of the scientific value of this research, I am not going to react to this, for now…