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Hey, it’s his fault for not being European. :stuck_out_tongue:


I blame his european ancestors.


It’s ok, I have a plan to get Yrface to Europe! :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Use blue crystal on pet dog on plane
  2. Use glitch I found so that Al the Alien can’t pursue him
  3. ???
  4. Profit


In all seriousness I won’t be able to travel anytime soon anyway. But it sounds like a good idea, you guys enjoy your pints together…

without me… sniff
I don’t even… sniff
give a care… :door:


This makes me wonder what use the yellow crystal could possibly have? :thinking:

  1. Get The Alien to babysit my kids
  2. Sell bent butter knife for plane ticket money.

Hey! This plan just might work :wink:




Darn. For a moment I hoped the meeting could be relocated in the Azores…


And I hear the Azores have no shortage of grumpy elderly men either…



I just noticed that the tickets for AdventureX 2018 in London will be made available soon:

The convention will take place on the 10th / 11th November at the British Library.
Tickets will be £25 for a day pass.


That’s a good place to meet everyone, since going to London seems to be not so difficult with cheap flights too in November…


I have an important event on the 12th November, so I won’t be able to attend AventureX and a forum meeting in London.


Won´t make it either, but wish lots of fun to those who can attend!


Then maybe we should ask: Who will/is able to attend the AdventureX? :slight_smile:


May guess as of know would be X persons.


May the 4th be with them …


May I guess? Or may I not? Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


Me! :raising_hand_woman:
(You probably already guessed that :wink: )


So… “A Tale of two Katies”, then?


And @Gffp I assume?