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Adding some dates. I didn’t mean to be exhaustive, of course. I think I’ve played all LucasArts adventure games except for Labyrinth (come on GOG!), Indy 3, and Grim Fandango.

Virtual Cities by Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Virtual Cities by Konstantinos Dimopoulos

I´d buy THAT for a dollar!


Not on ebay, you don’t…


For the records: “Hit the Road” and “Deponia” haven’t a coin interface. Deponia has a one-click-interface and I would consider “Hit the Road” also a one-click-interface. I won’t comment the other things because I wrote enough on UI design in other threads and the blog already.

And here is mine - I played the most games right after the release:

  1. Labyrinth
  2. MM
  3. Zak
  4. Indy 3
  5. MI1 / Loom (don’t know the order)
  6. MI2 / Fate of Atlantis (don’t know the order, but AFAIR MI2 was first)
  7. DOTT
  8. Sam and Max Hit the Road
  9. Full Throttle
  10. The Dig
  11. COMI
  12. Grim
  13. EFMI


Also, anyone think it´s possible that there was like billboard ads or something for Monkey Island 2? I seem to have a faint memory of seing the motive with LecChuck Voodoo torturing Guybrush on an advertising column. But that can´t be right, can it?


I remember only adverts in several computer magazines. Can you remember where you have seen it?

(At the moment I only remember the “Intel” billboard ads where only the number 486 was shown and nobody knew what that was. :slight_smile:)


Yeah Guerilla Marketing campaignes are really older than most people realise.

I vividly remember the first time I saw an ad for Eon on TV and in magazines that just was red and had “are you on?” in white letters.


Daewoo had just this huge red lips. A lot of people still don’t know that they produced cars. :wink:


You know who made that one? David Lynch!

No Joke!


This is from David Lynch?


No, I got that confused with the OTHER car commercial with huge lips. :crazy_face:

David Lynch did the one for Nissan Micra. The one you cite had Jennifer Rush singing to the melody of Banana Boat song, right?



Ah, Jennifer Rush. I wonder what happened to her…


She turned into Vampira…

You asked!


Hm, I only know them from cars even though I’m pretty sure they quit making those (or at least selling them in Europe?) forever ago.


Daewoo doesn’t exist anymore. The whole story here:


I say we reschedule the meetup to Italy…


How about Salzburg 2019?

There Kate can have as many Mozart balls as she likes.



Then we could play a game where you all have to work out what I’m saying with chocolate balls in my mouth. We could call it Balls and Cockney Kate.


It’s a common exercise for actors - but with a table tennis ball …


I´m in!