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Ah yes, so it is. Chocolate is preferable.


Okay @sushi, think reaaaal hard about what you´re gonna say here…


Less dangerous too… just bite rather than Cockney Suffocating Kate




But a) the chocolate is melting over the time and b) table tennis balls are bigger - so it’s much funnier. :wink:


I’m still considering going to AdventureX (London). Thought it might be good to do a poll so we can keep track of interest and potential attendees (instead of wading through conversations about chocolate balls, whoever that was :smirk:).

  • Can’t make it
  • Maybe
  • I’m packing as we speak

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Wish I could! Back to :uk: after 20 years would indeed by nice.


Maybe another time :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, who knows what the future may bring. :slight_smile:


Madame Morena


And for a moment there I was wondering why I could exactly hear you say that sentence in my head and then I remembered it was because it´s on your answering machine message in the game. :smile:


Oh yeah, I had to think about that but you’re right! :smile:


If you are undecided, would me going help you with your choice?

  • Yes, it would mean I´d make an extra effort to go!
  • Yes, it would mean I´d stay the hell away from you, weirdo!
  • Who are you again?

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Milan, just go.


Milan, just go.


Milan, just go.


People say that all the time to me, but usually it means “piss off”.

I´m not sure if I am able to invest the money (train, plane, hotel, etc.) because an italian choir tells me so.

But thanks for that unison encouragement! :smile:

(also thanks to that one voter so far, whoever you are)

I also noticed none of the above choir is going, so why the determination to have me go?!








They’re saying “Gu”, which is short for Guga.