Valley of Gods, new adventure from Campo Santo

Continuing the discussion from Transcript Podcast #9:
Talking about pyramids and sphinxes (sphinges?) reminded me of an announcement from just some days ago:

Valley of Gods is a new adventure game from Campo Santo, the makers of Firewatch.
It’s currently scheduled for 2019 (Win/Mac/Linux) (see blog post).

As a fan of Egyptian mythology (something Zak McKracken taught me) I’m always happy to stumble across something like this in games.

Even wacky approaches like in Sam & Max 302: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak :slight_smile:



It looks very elaborate. They obviously use a lot of Performance Capturing. If the puzzles and the story are good, I’ll be interested in it. :slight_smile:

Remember when ancient egypt was all over pop culture? Whatever happened with that?

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Wow, that trailer looks awesome. Loved Firewatch too, so that one goes on my list. Too bad it’s still a long wait (though much shorter than most of the games I backed on Kickstarter :smile:).

2019 is just an estimate too, so… everything can happen.


looks a little bit like a desert version of the Smurfs village… :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you like the Ankh PnC adventure games?

Yes. I own them on physical media. Just looked up digital versions: They still aren’t available on GOG, what a shame. :frowning:

You can get all three of them on Steam. The first one (Ankh - Anniversary Edition) is available DRM-free at FireFlower Games (wow, another shop redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS, but at least this one is DRM-free only).

I played the first Ankh game ten years ago. I remember that I disliked some puzzles and that the game was not really bug-free. Also, I didn’t like the controls, which were obviously inspired by the GrimE games. I never played the sequels for this reason (only the demo for the second Ankh game).
Please keep in mind that this was my opinion ten years ago. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more nowadays. Who knows.

I never had a problem with such controls (TANK CONTROLS FTW!), but you may be right that it’s not a very good game.
It was good enough for me to enjoy it though.

Also after playing TWP nearly every other adventure game seems like :poop:

I was wondering what’s up with that. I liked the setting. Well, let’s play the Valve waiting game…

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A while ago I read some rumors about the devs being pulled into other Valve projects, but that makes it sound as if it’s no longer going to happen at all :slightly_frowning_face:. So there goes another one of the games I really wanted to play. Oh well, there’s still Sable and Yes, Your Grace to look forward to next year.