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What are you listening to right now?


I really feel like someone should’ve worked this out by now, given the activity in a certain other thread. Mm hmmmmm that’s right. Come on people!


I would have said that last sound (after and during the steps) is by an electric shock or something.

It makes that sound when you touch the electric fence in Salisbury but I hear no crickets. :man_shrugging:


It’s quite specific to a certain recently flourishing topic in this forum.

That’s right though.

I’m not sure what the second noise is, actually. It just comes when beep walks round the corner.


Question is “what corner”? Hm…


What do you mean by facing upward exactly? But she does it every which way; she just prefers this over regular purring. :slight_smile:


Like when she’s looking towards the ceiling or sky. I notice it when Sam’s reaching up for me to stroke him.


I’ve never noticed anything like that. But I wouldn’t say she’s every squeaky really. Are you referring to anything in particular? It’s more like degrees of enthusiasm.


I guess I’m referring to the bird noise, which I hear as a squeak. I just wondered as like I said up there :arrow_up: Sam squeaks (or chirps) when he points his face upwards. I wondered if Nushi did the same.

Thinking about it, Sam does tend to get more high-pitched when he’s very happy.


At night when she goes to bed (annoyingly, that’s typically after I go to bed) she also does that for like 10 minutes. She totally wears herself out and at the end it’s a bit like PRR PRR PRR prr sputter, cough, wheeze

But it’s just her happy noise. When looking up is one of the many, many different head/body positions in which she does it. :wink:


@PiecesOfKate Well, something new just happened. Kuma howled and then proceeded to puke over everything. >_>


what did it sound like


Sorry, I didn’t check this thread in detail lately.
It’s obviously footsteps followed by the Mindbender machine, from Zak

[Edit: Correction, it seems you cannot strike through within a spoiler blur or it just doesn’t display properly on my phone]

the Bob.E. Pinz sign on 14th avenue in San Francisco!!


join the contest!


Oh no! Poor Kuma. Maybe the howl was an announcement :smirk: Hope she’s okay.

Finally :wink:

It’s showing on mine?


She seems to be okay this morning. :slight_smile:


Good, better out than in, eh Kuma :cat:

Like this!


Whoa, that does sound very squeaky! I don’t know if my recording makes Nushi sound like that but there’s really nothing squeaky about it to me. Just a loud enthusiastic noise. :slight_smile:


Cats are imitating the noises of human babies (to get more attention). This sounds similar IMHO… :thinking:


Unless they’ve been around human babies perhaps it’s closer to cat baby noises?


I’ve read that cats are able to imitate the sound of human babies and that they use this skill to attract the humans. I don’t know if they have to learn the sound from a human baby and/or if they only do that if human babies are around. :slight_smile: