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What are you listening to right now?


Remember that “oh long johnson” cat from a couple of years ago? What is even going on there? I read some cats do that when they are afraid or really uncomfortable(which the fur and whiskers seem to confirm). Does it have a strong dislike for that other cat?


I know :neutral_face: he does have some breathing problems so I think it’s to do with that.

Nushi sounds more delicately chirpy to me, like a bird call :slightly_smiling_face: Sam sounds like he needs some WD40.

I just accidentally played Sam’s squeak in the office, erk. Through happy coincidence it sounded like my stomach (maybe you were right @milanfahrnholz), so I think I’m safe.

That does sound feasible, although Sam’s not been around any babies. He’s frightened of plastic bags, let alone tiny noisy humans.


Leksi is a model scaredy-cat, but she’s all over plastic bags for playing, chewing (no idea why… we stop her, of course), etc.

Yesterday we bought a large quantity of books. Nushi jumped in and sat on top of both bags within minutes!


Yeah, most cats love the rustle it makes. Our aforementioned family cat Fleur once got stuck in a plastic bag and rolled down the stairs in it. My mum was halfway through climbing out the window because she was on her own and thought it was a burglar.

PS sorry for spelling Nushi wrong in my earlier post. Corrected now!


Not to worry, lol. It’s Nuska in full, but because it’s a Russian name it’s not pronounced Nooska but Nooshka. Nushi in its “short” form. Also Noodle (my wife) or Nushi-poo (me).

Leksi is also Russian (Aleksandra), hence it’s not Lexi.

I sometimes call Kuma (Kurkuma) Koempie (koompee) but my wife thinks that makes her sound fat.


I love how cat names morph :smile: they often seem to involve poo for some reason.


Then we can’t really blame them if they poo everywhere :sweat_smile:


True :smile: I guess it’s a bit chicken and egg. I just started thinking about the poo equivalent of that phrase…



In my neighborhood lives a woman with a dog. The dog does always things she don’t like, so she is shouting a lot of times “asshole”. Now the dog thinks that “asshole” is his name. That leads to the strange situation that the woman has to call her dog “asshole” for example if she would like that he comes home.

So be aware how you name your pets! :slight_smile:


btw: Do we need a “talk about pets” thread?


I was about to write something involving “the old kitten and poo question” before I read that.

Are you comfortable inside my :brain: ?


I wish I weren’t allergic to kittens…

I am listening to the city and the motor traffic rumble.


Here’s a video from a couple of years ago of Nushi hard at work:


One of my old neighbours called her cats Gin and Tonic, then quickly realised that this made her sound like a drunk when calling them in at night.

At some point Tonic died, so she got a new cat and called it Pickle. I’m not sure ‘GIN AND PICKLE!’ sounds much better…

Yes, it’s very cosy in here thank you. Tea?


Here I am!


Oh good, Tee brought tea. Come in, it’s a bit cramped I’m afraid.


When I said I had english ladies in my mind, I never thought I´d be as literal as that!


Yes, they are signals cats show when they feel uncomfortable and warn others they are willing to defend themselves also by attacking them.

After that I think there’s another stage with more acute sounds and they will show their teeth and roar. After that they will try to attack you with claws.

It is important to say that cats are animals that never attack men first (and if they feel uncomfortable they go away or, if they can’t, they try to warn you). They only do that for defending themselves or their newborn offspring (the females). But if they know you and trust you, they will let you touch them (even if it is not always a good choice because they recognize offspring by smell, so if you influence the smell (by having them away from the mother for a long time), they could not recognize them anymore.


We’re not in our 80s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s why it annoys me when people say ‘it scratched me for no reason!’ They always have a reason, love.