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What's for dinner?


I can :smiley: but my wife’s tiramisu isn’t that coffee-y. She doesn’t like coffee either.


More PiecesofCoffee for me, then! :coffee:



Fried worms? :thinking:


Cheese squigglies.


:laughing: :wink:


Woah, I´ve seen those on twitter!


All the cool kids are on twitter. And also me.


This can’t be true: Ron isn’t on Twitter.


Actually he is, just dormantly :wink:


I didn´t actually know that was you when you followed me!




Yeah, I joined twitter ages ago just for “work”, but never really got into it… I’m trying to get into more now though, I’ve followed some good adventure game accounts, etc.


So, here it is. Malloreddus alla campidanese, typical Sardinian pasta with a Sardinian sausage ragù and pecorino cheese. Everything imported from the island, no substitutions were made :smiley: the guests were very happy. And I was too.


Flowers!!! :yum:


Whats that? Looks like burnt lettuce.


Mais non! Fried courgette flowers.


I was going to guess at some kind of tempura!


Oh, yes. Sorry, didn’t mention it. They were fried in a tempura fashion.

Then, since usually courgette flowers come with a courgette…

Zucchini cream with purple cabbage and bacon.



I think if I could eat dinner at any of your houses it would be a toss-up between @Guga’s and @Ema’s :grin: