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What's for dinner?


Pork and beef.

And to not further insult our italian friends they´re Köttbullar.

Of course you are! But a naughy one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Which is no excuse for not drowning them in tomato sugo at the very least!


I liked the oily taste they had in the end.


For my taste it’s a touch[1] lacking in vegetables, but I admit I wasn’t expecting the description to be quite so literal. :smiley:

[1] That’s a euphemism.


I can absolutly understand all your objections, you guys.


is enough for me! :relaxed:


It’s not an objection, more slight bemusement. I should probably give you the context that I’ll say something to my wife like “let’s eat pasta and mushrooms” and I’ll mean it, too. She’ll object that something like that my suggestion is “not a meal.”


Ah, you too?

And I concur with the feeling that your spaghetti with meatballs misses tomatoes.


Yes, it’s mostly that.


we cook them that way too:

It’s the sweden meatballs and all just put together that look strange to our “taste eyes”. But anyway, as my grandmother used to say:
Dove c’è gusto non c’è perdenza”.
Where your taste is, there is no loss. (Macaronic English translation)


It was really fast to make and tasted well. And I still have something left, too.


I vote for midnight meatball sandwich! Melt some cheese on it too. And pop in some onions.

Mmmm, vicarious snacking :drooling_face:


If I can a piece of your cake for desert! :yum:


Erhm, this is a respectable place. We have families, here.
Can somebody please think of the children?


I was refering to that banana toffee cake!



Oh, sure… and I was referring to your pasta dish. Can you please blur it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Also, what cake? I have cake? *mad dash to kitchen*

Oh, the banoffee pie I keep forgetting to make! Yeah you can have some of that :wink:


If I were to censor all the accidental innuendo that comes out my mouth I would have to carry a bleeping kazoo with me 24/7!


You do know what they say about the British cuisine, though!?


About as much as they know about bavarian restaurants.


:joy: (Nice touch with the bill!)


And he literally says:“You were meaning to pay, sir?” :grin:

The entire german episode should still be up on youtube, my friends and I used to have a blast with many quotes from that. To bad it´s not included on the official DVD box.