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What's for dinner?


Corn, maize. Whatever!



It looks like you can say all of that. :man_shrugging:


Yes, I’m curious about Italian names used in a different way from were they originated. It’s like those names from UK that have some other different meaning outside, like in US or Canada.

EDIT: yes, it seems like the products you showed are mostly for exportations.


And I´m also sure that like in most other countries it is region dependant in italy, too.

@kaiman and I grew up relatively close to each other yet I´m sure we use many different words for the same things.


Yeah, that’s also true. I remember talking with other Italians and not understanding each other about the tap, or faucet, or… hey! It seems that every region calls this thing in a different way!


This is what it says on my actual package (in my dialect that translates to “small snails”).


Sounds appropriate. Hey, look at what Google shows me if I type Schneckerl :grin:

(footballer Herbert Prohaska)


Yup, that was his nickname when he was famous for his moustache. :grin:


What’s the skin? Actual skin? Cheese?


The whiteish stuff is certainly cheese, but based on the original I don´t think I´d call it skin.


Yes, I’d say cheese too. It looks like melted fiordilatte (or any other soft cow milk cheese).

Creepy. Isn’t it? The thing that mostly gives me goosebumps is that darker color in some points of the tomato sauce, like around the mouth, that gives me the impression of coagulated blood. Brrr!

Eh! Subcutaneous fat?
Actually they have a similar expression to some statues of Xipe-Totec.


Oh yeah, possible! I think skulls that still have some muscle on them look even more freaky anyway.

You know like in Hellraiser.


Skin wasn’t quite the right word. I mean more like “bacon”, if that’s the one. The stuff that isn’t the outer skin. The dermis and/or hypodermis.

Anyway, due to being a spoiler and being a quicky on my phone I couldn’t take a closer look at it.


Cheese lunch! :yum:


Mmmmm. Funnily enough I was chatting to my colleagues yesterday about how much I like cheese. This resulted in me having a triple cheese sandwich (cheese and tomato, double cheese and onion and cheese and pickle), with a bag of Mini Cheddars.

That looks way nicer though. Is it a type of croque monsieur?

Incidentally, what’s everyone’s ideal cheese board? I think mine would be comté, gouda, goat’s cheese, roule, gorgonzola, brunost and strong cheddar. With red grapes and port. And an antacid.


It’s a tomino. Nothing special, is just a small soft cheese which has a harder edible crust that makes it ideal to be warmed on a pan. It melts inside while remaining of its shape. I put a slice of speck around it to make it yummier. It’s a nice and quick lunch. Then I had some italian and french cheeses with my mostarda di frutta…


I think smoked gouda is at the top of my list, followed by sharp cheddar, american, and muenster.

ooh, I do love a bit of gorgonzola


But that’s only two :open_mouth:


But my other favorites are boring… I’ll add them anyway.


Muenster says it’s ‘strong smelling’, which is good enough for me.


I do often try new cheeses, so I don’t have a “usual” board. I can say my fridge is never out of gorgonzola, which is from mu region so it had always been a traditional food in my family. My grands ate tons of it. I love both seasoned and fresh ones. Buffalo mozzarella can be quite good. I love goat seasoned soft ones. But one special mention is deserved by 3-milks cheeses: a wonderful example is this. Not easy to get in Europe, but it is quite an experience :blush: