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What's for dinner?




You gotta be kidding! I bought this here just yesterday!

Never had it before, but I thought it looked tasty so I threw it in the cart! :yum:


That’s a Good Food Principle.


(I assume, because of the capitalisation :wink: )


I did consider adding that, even though it’s not a real thing :laughing:


Yeah! That’s the thing. It’s a sudtiroler food, so it’s quite a crossover italian/german thing.
I do it at low flame with a cover.


The package says there are three ways to do it.

Microwave (fastest)
Oven (as suggested by the name)
In the pan (which I assume is how you did that, though I don´t have a flame).

Might want to make up my mind on the best method first.


No problem if you don’t have a real flame. I think in the pan is easier. In the microwave is faster just as long as you manage to avoid the McKracken effect.


Haha, I doubt that will happen in the suggested 40 seconds at 400 watts temperature. :laughing:


But with the pan you’ll get that nice brown crust…


True but the bacon might come off.

I´m still tending towards the oven, I think.


“Live dangerously” is my creed, Mr. Holtz.




Fahrn Danger Holtz.


Comté is certainly interesting. You’re missing something like a good Stolwijker, or more generally raw milk farmhouse cheese.

I don’t really like Gorgonzola, but perhaps I haven’t had any good one.

No love for Stilton? :wink:


Oh, right. The oven.
You might go for the scientific approach and make one in the pan and bake the second in the oven. Well, let me know. Anyway.


I’m taking notes.

Oh, some search results suggest it’s a type of gouda - maybe it’s similar?

I like Stilton, but tend to prefer softer blue cheeses like gorgonzola or cambozola.


We Dutch people would give you the stink eye for it, but I suppose you could consider most hard Dutch cheeses a “type of Gouda.” But really all that means is that it’s a hard cheese with a roughly similar production process (which doesn’t use cheddaring, for example). Quality and flavor can vary wildly. I’ve tasted some Greek “gouda” once that was just abysmal, which is kind of funny because there’s some pretty horrible “Greek-style cheese” made around here as well. By contrast, there’s some cheap Dutch factory made Gouda style cheese of astoundingly high quality. They’ve really got that process figured out.

I read an article in Le Monde a couple of years ago that while Stilton sales are increasing in France and the Benelux, British people are increasingly shunning it because “eww mold.” (That’s almost verbatim. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Well I’ve never heard anyone I know say that. My acquaintances and I are highly educated dontcha know :wink:


:ear: :fire: