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What's for dinner?


Me neither, I was just quoting Wallace above.

I’m actually not a fan of the softer Brie like cheeses (though I do love goat cheese).
We used to have a lot of food-days in my French class where the professeur was always talking about Brie, and I always felt sick afterwards. I made the mistake of telling them that and they all looked at me with horreur!


Have you ever tried a good Gorgonzola sauce, nutmeg, with Penne?

If you like this direction, you might enjoy Roquefort with chicory, walnuts and blue grapes (pan meal).


There’s brie and there’s brie. I actually have a pretty decent mass market pasteurized (!) brie in my fridge right now.

But of course I’ll take a raw-milk Camembert (de Normandie) or Neufchâtel over brie any day.

I don’t like Brie de Meaux that much — I mean, it’s more than adequate — but Brie de Melun is definitely good cheese.

Soft goat cheeses are great, but so are “gouda style” regular Dutch goat/sheep cheeses. :slight_smile:



Now THAT´s a Brie! :heart_eyes:


Raw beef (a first for me), mussels, rice and assorted sides.

That fed 4, though we had a second helping of rice. And plenty of Soju.


Milan Gefahrnholz



Tonight we ate Dolsot Bibimbap, which is one of my top favourites in Korea.

Served on a bed of rice in a sizzling hot stone pot. Stir and enjoy!


We tend to get bottles of red wine as gifts over the holidays that we hardly ever drink. So tonight I’m cracking one open…

Cheers, Thimbleheads!


Nice and easy italian wine, though I’d match it with an american T-Bone.
Regarding italian pizza, I match it with an american Coke! :wink:


How went your scientific trial, Professor Gefahrnholz?


It was okay.



I’m a cold Italian pizza. I could use a lemon squeezer…


“Somebody out there needs me!”


I guess it’s not really ‘dinner’, but I made some treats for our annual get-together with friends on Christmas Eve Eve (23 December, before anyone thinks the pedant made an error).

Chocolate ‘Brussels sprouts’ – mint dark chocolate truffles coated in green (white) chocolate and edible lustre

White Christmas – Rice Crispies, glacé cherries and sultanas in a soft, sweet milky texture

My friend made a delicious gluten-free raspberry cake

And my other (busier) friend bought these amazing chorizo pigs in blankets (I couldn’t even take a photo fast enough!)



I saw that on Twitter a few days ago for the first time. And I thought we in germany were impatient!


It’s more that most of us don’t want to do anything on Christmas Eve, in case we’re hungover on Christmas Day :wink: (flashback to a large bottle of double-strength Absolut and a ‘misused’ gift bag)


My friends annual get together was on the evening of the 25th. Ten years straight, always the same bar. Then I i had to drop out because I moved.

Was that a flashback to this year? :laughing: Hope you´re better now!


That’s a shame. I was surprised as many came to ours for the same reason.

About 15 years ago, which I think was the last Christmas Eve we did that!