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What's for dinner?


The line break didn’t exactly help…


Hm, starting early isn’t a bad move, actually. In my case, with half the family not talking to the other (but everyone on friendly terms with me), my last Christmas visit will be this afternoon, and I still managed to miss meeting my cousins. The good thing is, I didn’t have to cook dinner since Christmas Eve Eve :smile:.


With Christmas feasting finally digested, and cold and ugly weather outside, time for a hearty Sunday lunch.

Roast pork with dumplings and savoy cabbage

I still don’t manage the cabbage exactly as my grandma(s) did, but it wasn’t too bad either. The rest was pretty standard.



Oo…er…you might wanna blur this one! :joy:


Isn’t this the topic for posting food porn?


Exactly food porn…but this is porn food! :grin:


Dang! Next time I need to watch out at the butcher what parts of the pig I get! Tasted good, btw :smile:.


Cannellini beans cooked in the clay pot, by the fireplace. One of the traditional dishes of this region. Delicious! My mother often tells she was weaned with them.


While I recognized the roast pork and the savoy cabbage, I’m pretty curious about the round mysterious object… Hmmm I would like to get a fork and taste it… How do you make it?


Is he talking about the Knödel? :thinking:


Yeah, maybe like those ones?


No, this is to show and/or share our own recipes. The XXX area is this one:


EDIT: BTW, speaking of different threads… given @milanfahrnholz’s ease with pareidolia, and given many wonderful examples he showed us, we definitely need to collect them all in a “Milan’s Pricks” thread.


In my case, you buy a package of 6 in the supermarket, and boil as many as you need in salted water. Sorry to disappoint.

My grandma would have started by boiling potatoes, passing them through a sieve, adding grated raw potatoes, forming balls and likely simmering them for an additional 15 minutes. If you’re truly curious, I guess I can dig out an actual recipe.

That one looks like a decent Bavarian one:
These specific dumplings are called “Half and Half”, because they are made from part cooked, part raw potatoes. It’s my favourite, though I’ve nothing against Semmelknödel either.

Those are a little different. They contain bread rolls and parsley. They taste a bit stronger than plain potato dumplings.


I approve! :eggplant:


No hurry intended, but that would be nice, indeed. I love knödels (or Canederli, as the corresponding italian recipe is called), but you can’t find them in Italian supermarkets (except for Sudtiroler ones). There’s a tirolese deli in my town, but it is quite bothering going there just for some knödels

EDIT: oh, you added it. Thanks


I loved the Semmelknödel my grandma used to make. They were a bit smaller and more brownish-yellow looking, but they tasted great. I don´t think I or anyone could ever reproduced that faithfully.


Hope Google translate will not turn it into Frankenstein’s Knödel or some such :slight_smile:.


Blaming Google Translate is my precise intention in case the result would be awful for my fault.



There´s a couple of things on that page even I haven´t seen before. I don´t think I´ve ever heard of a “Scheiterhaufen” before.


I’ve heard/read “Scheiterhaufen” somewhere, but I’ve never made or eaten it. But it’s not very uncommon. :slight_smile: