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What's for dinner?


Me neither. Though in a way the recipe reminds me of Carthusian dumplings (which I actually made between Christmas and New Year, last year).

Turned out pretty well, given I never prepared them before. Then again, I had not eaten those for like 20 years, so hard to judge whether they actually came close to those I remember of old.


I made a shepherd’s pie for the first time.
I’ve been wanting to do this for years…

Full disclosure: that is a store bought crust.
That was the intimidating part, the rest of the recipe was pretty simple! :yum:


Never had myself. I only recently stumbled across it because John Oliver mentioned it in a joke about british stereotypes.

What goes in it?


I love it, it’s one of my favorite dishes ever (but maybe I’m just an Anglophile).

It’s basically ground beef/onions mixed with vegetables (peas and carrots) then a layer of mashed potatoes on top. Sometimes with sprinkled cheese on top of that.

It’s kind of like cooking 2 dinners, then waiting an extra hour for it to bake… so probably better suited for cooking on a weekend rather than a workday.


But so am I! :smiley: (literally)


Is that the way our residential brits would do that, too?
@PiecesOfKate, @tasse-tee, @Paul


I haven’t made it before, but that’s how I’d expect it to look like!


That’s how I make it but minus the pastry crust in the picture.


I’d remove the sleeve, pierce the film lid several times, then microwave on high for about 8 mins.
The traditional way.


Is that the same thing? :thinking:


The sleeve I’m talking about is less tasty, but has perhaps five times as much fibre, to help keep you regular.


Hmmm :thinking:

Taste :balance_scale: Fibre



I was about to tell a story about how I once ate all the shells on king prawns at a restaurant because I didn’t know that they had shells or that you’re meant to take them off… but I just googled it and it turns out that lots of people eat the shells and recommend it, thus ruining my anecdote.


I did the same a few years ago with roasted chestnuts. You’re definitely not meant to eat those with the shell though :neutral_face:


How do you even…

remembers the sharp looking teeth she has

Oh yeah, I can see that.


They’re also a bit softer when cooked :stuck_out_tongue:


Your teeth?

Ooh, the chestnuts! :man_facepalming:

I´m silly!


Raise your hand if you once didn’t puncture a chestnut sufficiently so that it exploded in your oven. :raised_hand:


So what did you feed the two headed squirrel with then? The egg?


I didn’t know that happened! Thankfully I didn’t cook these ones myself.

Clearly I should stay away from chestnuts.


Some gross peanuts.