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What's for dinner?


That´s why the lord equipped you with a pulley and not a nutcracker (also men fear women that are equipped with nutcrackers!) !


It doesn’t if you make sure they can puff out through a hole. I just didn’t stab one of 'em properly once, apparently. :wink:

It’s no different than, I don’t know, putting a can on a fire without opening it or something.


That, btw, I’ve never done. :scream:

A better comparison might be popcorn, but chestnuts are larger and messier.



I´m really not sure if I wanna go camping with you guys now.


Let’s bring candles and put them really close to the edge of the tent!

I see, this is gonna be me this summer...



Argh. Why do I always have to click on these hidden things…


I hide them just for you, y`know.


I know, I know, (and I appreciate that!) but I can’t resist … :frowning:


So you are kind of intrigued, aren´t you?

Or how about simply appreciate the work of make up artists? They´re actually really nice people.



So these are 3 make up artists? Or one guy with different make up?
Either way, you prove your point, I guess :slight_smile:.


Yes! :slight_smile:




Tonight we had crespelle.

How could I explain what a crespella is?

Well, basically it’s the same concept of lasagne: a baked timballo whose layers are separated by bechamel sauce.

So, where’s the difference? Well, in crespelle the various layers aren’t made of pasta… they’re made of… oh, my! …crepes!!


One of my housemates once made a pancake pie. It was like that, but with things like jam and mascarpone to separate the layers.


This reminds me of a non-sweet dessert typical of Christmas time: gorgonzola pie. It’s made with gorgonzola, mascarpone, nuts and candied cherries.
Despite its name, it isn’t a real pie. It isn’t baked, and it is served cold.


Right, I meant pancake cake, not pancake pie. But more with regard to the (lack of) crust situation than whether it’s baked or not.




Recipe for a fast an tasty lunch.

Take a lot of embarrassingly expensive clams

A generous portion of linguine

Some cheap wine

Shake well

…and enjoy!


Good that you´re here, because I never got this.

How the fuck do you eat that? They´re all in their shells which you obviously don´t eat (or do you? In that case forget what I said) so do you eat the noodles, get the clams out of their shells one after the other?

I´ve seen that in restaurants and never got how that is supposed to convienient.
Why not get it out of the shells mix it with the noodles and eat it like that?


It’s only inconvenient if you’re forced to eat it with chopsticks. (And even then, I’d be more worried about the linguine than the clams)