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What's for dinner?


Oh, sure why not throw in a Weißwurst in for good measure?



For two reasons. The first one is technical: you have to cook the clams inside their shell, because the shell is tight shut and it gets open with cooking. Then you have to complete the cooking of your pasta inside the pan with the clams, so you don’t have the time of unshelling them, which is quit a long job.
If you’re at home you can unshell all the clams prior to start eating (like I usually do), but you have to accept that your food will cool down a little. Obviously if you are going to serve it in a restaurant you can’t let it cool down, or -even worse- you can’t warm it up again.
Anyway, there’s a second important reason: the shells retain a lot of sauce, so most of the people like to suck the clam directly from the shell in order not to lose even the smallest drop.


But that way the noodles and meat never really mix, do they? Or do you pick some meat out of a shell, throw that away and roll some noodles around the fork (that´s how I´d imagine doing that).


My wife has a special talent in eating noodles with chopsticks. She has a personal technique… she swirls the chopsticks inside her hand as if they were a fork, achieving something like this:


Yeah, you imagine right. Well, they mix in the right place they have to: inside your mouth!
Anyway, as I told, I usually unshell most of my clams before starting eating, in order to eat mouthfuls of mixed stuff without beign bothere by the unshelling job… I recognize most of the people prefer to eat while it’s very warm and unshell as they eat, though.


Okay I just thought of because of your photo and the way they serve it at restaurants.

It´s just weird to me that a spagetthi plate (which is something I think of where the food is all mixed together instead of seperated) is full of stuff you actually throw away.

I´m sure it tastes fine. But for me personally that would seem just a bit too much effort during the actual eating process, that´s all! :smile:


@milanfahrnholz Didn’t you post a picture of a plate of spaghetti with giant meatballs or something? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I´m honestly not sure, if you´re joking or not.

You do know that meatballs are edible, right? As opposed to clamshells?


I’ll tell you a shocking fact: fishes are seldom and chickens are never served boneless in Italian restaurants. Cleaning your food is considered part of the experience, I guess.


Oh, same here. But in that case the edible part is on the outside and they´re usually foods were the sidedishes are seperated on a flat table.

But I also wouldn´t want to…lets say have Chicken Wings in my spaghetti.


Mhm… now that you make me think of it, I’ve never heard about chicken with pasta… strange.


I´m sure it´ll taste fine, but I´d rather cut some stripes of breast into it rather than roll them around a leg or something.:sweat_smile:

But you´re right actually, chicken pasta (Pasta Pollo?) doesn´t sound bad at all!


I’m not joking. You’re talking about it not really being mixed. If you wanted, you could acquire the same flavor if you poured (some of) the cooking liquid into the pasta and served the shellfish separately. The pasta also serves as a heat retainer, but it’s just a particular method of presentation.

Anyway, giant meatballs don’t exactly mix in with pasta.

The typical southern reaction to premade pasta salads with chicken around these parts is closer to “HERESY!!111einz” than “strange.” :rofl:


You know that´s just like…your opinion, man…


What about a spaghetti and meatball sandwich?

I hear that’s AdRock’s favorite.


I´d hit eat that!


Sounds disgusting, but looks surprisingly delicious.


I’d eat it too, but only with knife and fork.


You´re like my dad. He eats everything with knife and fork. Pizza…even chicken wings…

Oh shit...

Well, I don’t really like chicken wings but last time I did use my :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:.
But I do eat pizza with knife and fork when at home or in a restaurant.