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Why can't I like that someone liked my post?


You could try making a machine do a quick pass on it. There are places like Deepgram, Trint, and probably others. :wink:

PS I have no personal experience with them. They’re probably awful. :japanese_ogre:


We let YouTube transcribe them, so @Sushi could search these “raw” texts.


I tried to keep this one on-topic, so I replied here Text Version of Podcasts

(hey cool, if you post a link after the word here, or type the word here before a link, it auto-hyperlinks it rather than a big blurb preview)

Those raw text are pretty unsearchable, unless you search for stuff like Tumble Weed Pork or Zack




I just got a badge I didn´t even know existed. Am I the only one so far who has that?



Which badge is that?


Devotee (as pictured).


I don’t have it, but it says it’s for 365 days visited. I’ve visited 406.

Give me my badge :tipping_hand_woman:


Awwww, the nostalgia! :blush:


These are more than 365, so Discourse has removed your badge. If Milan would like to keep his badge, he has to log out and never log in again …


probably you need to not skip a single day?


That would be too easy - don’t forget that this is Discourse!


I doubt I ha-

I mean, I’m not that sad…


But I am! :raising_hand_man:


Always putting the “dis” in “discourse”.


And you’re the one with the badge, so you win. In the Discourse world, sad people win. DIS is of COURSE true.


Gotta win at something, at least. :man_shrugging: