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Your song-of-the-day, based on your current mood


The second song is in my Mother tongue Kannada…


From the very first time I heard this song, I imagined a walk through the desert in the burning sun. How does music do that, bringing up these sort of emotions and mental pictures just through vibrations of sound?


Je ne veux pas travailler,
je ne veux pas dejuner…
je veux seulement refroidir
donc je transpire!


I bought Days Go By by The Offspring.

I could list a variety of songs, from Days Go By itself to the Dirty Magic rerecording, but I’m going to go with the satirical song:

It’s one of the best songs in its genre despite being a parody of it at the same time. <3



The first one demands to be enjoyed in the footage for the movie by Wim Wenders…


Hm… Isn’t only one song per day allowed…? :thinking:


no need to argue


1994, C…b…s!




You are in Athens? :open_mouth:


Athens, Georgia.

No, been ages since I been to Greece. :slight_smile:


(Vocals by Adam Scott Aukerman)


They´re probably the only thing that I know about Athens, Georgia. :upside_down_face:


Me too… Just them and the B-52’s.

Oh, you made the drummer from REM!


Holydays finished for me.
First day of work in my office.
Unexpectedly, there is no pile of work.
Normal activity, almost relaxing.
My song of the day is this one, which I’ve listen many times during my vacation:


Bookmarked for later.
By the way, what kind of work do you do? :slight_smile:


I’m a computer programmer.